Written by Rob Finch

CEO at Cypherglass, a Top 21 EOS Block Producer. Founder @icoalert
July 18 2017

A New Look for ICO Alert

A New Look for ICO Alert

On April 1st, we revealed ICO Alert to the greater cryptocurrency community. Many of the posts on Reddit that day were April Fools Jokes, but ours was not one of them. On that day, we released a very simple concept to the world: a comprehensive list of all active and upcoming ICOs.

ICO Alert was embraced with open arms by crypto enthusiasts who were looking for that comprehensive list. Since that day in April, we’ve

  • served more than 200,000 users
  • sent more than 100,000 ICO Alert emails to notify users before new ICOs go live
  • released nearly 50 ICO Alert Reports that offer market intelligence and in-depth analysis of active and upcoming ICOs

ICO Alert has grown so quickly, that we never got around to creating an actual logo. Since inception, we’ve been using “ICO ALERT” typed in DIN Next LT Pro as our “logo”.

Today, we’re refining the ICO Alert vision by releasing an official logo for ICO Alert that we feel represents our brand.

This change is much more than visual. Today, we’re also releasing an exciting new feature that will redefine us as much more than just a comprehensive list.

ICO Alert is evolving into an ICO discovery platform.

We’re introducing:

Live Search which enables you to search for any aspect of an ICO in real time. Search for “Ethereum” and see all ICOs built on Ethereum. Search for “eSports” and see all the new eSports ICOs. We’ll be writing more about Live Search, and why we built it, later this week.

Try Live Search now.

Ultimately, the release of our new logo marks an important turning point in the history of ICO Alert. It marks our evolution from being the only comprehensive list of active and upcoming ICOs to a true ICO Discovery Platform.

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