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Alt.Estate (ALT)- ICO Alert Report

Alt.Estate is the first project with tokenized apartments in three of the largest real estate ...

Namahe (NMH) - ICO Alert Report

Namahe wants to revolutionize supply chain management with the first solution based on blockchain ...

Big Data Block (BDB) - ICO Alert Report

Big Data Block brings deep data analytics capabilities to the masses by utilizing open source ...

Quarteria (XQT) — ICO Alert Report

Quarteria is a decentralized real estate directory on the NEO platform.

Pavo (PAVO) — ICO Alert Report

PavoCoin is a trustworthy, intelligent, Blockchain-based cryptocurrency for agriculture.

Global REIT (GRET & GREM) — ICO Alert Report

Global REIT is the first ever Blockchain based Sharia-compliant REIT to be launched in the market.

BotChain (BOTC) — ICO Alert Report

The Platform for Identity & Audit of AI Systems

CoinPlace (CPL) — ICO Alert Report

CoinPlace is the world’s first platform enabling to invest in ICO’s with fiat money. CoinPlace is a ...

Signals Network (SGN) — ICO Alert Report

Signals aims to disrupt the $400 billion crypto trading industry by lowering the barrier to ...

Cool Cousin (CUZ) — ICO Alert Report

Cool Cousin is VC-backed decentralized travel agency optimized for millennials, aiming to change ...