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October 25 2018

Safer Mobile Blockchain Applications with Rivetz


How can blockchain gives us a safe experience on mobile and protect our privacy? That's the issue Rivetz is trying to solve. 

Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague tells us about Rivetz initiative to create a safer blockchain experience on mobile. Partnered with Spanish telecom giant, Telefonica, Rivetz has exposure to a large amount of mobile users.

"So instead of just trusting Samsung or HTC, or just the phone manufacturer, we're also putting a portion of your private key in the SIM architecture of your phone. So now what you have is dual route of trust from two independent supply chains."  

Steven Sprague, CEO, Rivetz

Sprague has been in the trusted computing industry for over twenty years and performed his first microtransaction with a digital store of value in 1995. A lot has changed and now his firm Rivetz uses the chips inherent in any mobile phone to manage and protect computing standards on the blockchain.

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