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October 11 2018

What to Expect at the Malta Blockchain Summit with Carla Vella


We caught up with Carla Maree Vella, founder of blockchain startup VERFiD, about the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit. She had a couple big announcements to make ahead of the Summit, and ICO Alert was with her at Hoshocon to be among the first to spread the news.

Aside from the announcement that Sophie, the artificial intelligence powered robot will be in attendance, Carla also let us know that they are accepting applications from 10 additional projects who will have an opportunity to exhibit at no cost. These projects will also have full access to the private investor networking events at what is bound to be one of the most popular crypto event of 2018.
Carla is also the founder of ConsultXD, where she advises a handful of top notch companies in the blockchain, fintech and iGaming sectors. She also founded myblockchainisland.com, the podcast and webcast which focuses on all things blockchain DLT and Maltese regulation. Carla was a previous guest on the Roundtable podcast and it was great to reconnect with her in Las Vegas!  



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