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October 12 2018

EOS News: Block.One’s Founding Executives Part Ways with Parent Company to Create New Startup

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David Moss, Thomas Cox, Brian Abramson, and Corey J. Lederer, who were among the first five to join the Block.One team have announced they are working on Stealth Blockchain startup StrongBlock.

Before leaving Block.One, the founding employees held “technically sensitive” roles. The quartet left quietly this summer. Recently, a joint statement has been released:

“We left because we saw a need in the blockchain marketplace that Block.one was not going to address.”

Led by Block.one’s CTO, Daniel Larimer, EOS’ main goal is scalability. The platform is working to create a blockchain infrastructure which allows one million transactions per second.

So far, EOS has launched four test networks. In June, the primary network was launched leading to the release of the EOS open source software platform.

On the official website, StrongBlock.io, there are two paragraphs published to give the general public an idea of what’s to come from the newly anticipated project:

“The vast potential of blockchain has yet to be revealed.

The blockchain is a young technology with tremendous potential for the global transformation of business, government, and society through the removal of intermediaries. This technology will allow everyone to communicate and collaborate globally on an equal footing, without borders. 

We are StrongBlock, a team of highly experienced blockchain, governance, security, and database technology, experts. StrongBlock will exponentially increase global adoption of EOS and other governed blockchain technologies.”

There is currently no timeline for the official release of StrongBlock. Thomas Cox is the director of the EOS Alliance, so whatever he is doing with StrongBlock may be to benefit the EOS ecosystem as a whole.

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In response, Block.One announced they plan to invest $1 billion to support EOS expansion. Founder and chief executive officer of Block.One, Brendan Blumer, made an appearance on Bloomberg to discuss the $1 Billion investment and the recent churn of executive employees.

“The thesis behind the token sale was to take that capital that is normally used to create tokens and then divert it back to the developers that are spurring the next generation of innovation. So we just announced a $1 billion fund for EOS VC. We are investing that with the partners throughout the world, back in the hands of the developer so we can see what comes from that type of capital innovation.”

Responding to the reports of recent resignations:

“There is always a churn in employees. None of our core team has left. None of the people who have been building technology from the beginning. But we continue to encourage those people who have worked for us in the past and continue to be apart of the community. We see it as a strong positive sign that although no longer with the organization, they continue to foster the ecosystem.”

In response to whether or not the old position will be filled and how the executives' departure will effect EOS:

“Those spots were long filled before they were dismissed or let go from the company. No change to the company [EOS]. We continue to bolster the ranks to our management teams.”


It has been originally reported the former Block.One executives resigned, but founder Brendan Blumer paints a different narrative. Whether they resigned or were let go, working with a blockchain company that launched EOS, one of the highest grossing ICOs, generates an interest for StrongBlock.io.


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