Written by Zack Gall

Data Analyst at ICO Alert
November 13 2018

Everything EOS #33: Live from the EOS Hackathon

SVK Crypto, Team NouGit, AirdropsDAC, IWAD, Happy Money Man, and Dappcast



Rob and Zack record an unfiltered live podcast at the EOS Scaling Blockchain conference held after the #EOSHackathon. A wide range of guests take turns in the hot seat including SVK Crypto, Rob Behnke from Team NouGit, AirdropsDAC, Dappcast, Investing with a Difference, and the Happy Money Man. 



Everything EOS is a podcast hosted by Rob Finch (Cypherglass) and Zack Gall (ICO Alert) that follows the EOS ecosystem: dApp spotlights, VC partnerships, announcements, and more!

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[ Transcript]

Rob: Alright, we are here at Scaling Blockchain 2018 in San Francisco, just a day after the Hackathon. We have, of course, my co-host, Zach Gall over here, and we have the man himself, Shane Kehoe, from SVK Crypto.

Zack: Oh, yeah.

Rob: How are you doing today?

Shane Kehoe: Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. Bring it on. It's a pleasure to be with you two gentlemen.

Rob: Okay.

Rob: Thank you so much for joining us. So, we were at the Hackathon. I saw you there. You were peeking around, talking to people. What was your favorite project that you saw?

Shane Kehoe: Well, hold on.

Shane Kehoe: Look at this umbrella over Zack's head.

Zack: Yeah. We should probably give context actually.

Shane Kehoe: Hold on, hold on.

Rob: That's a good point.

Shane Kehoe: That is a gorgeous umbrella. Do you bring this everywhere with you? Or what's the story?

Zack: I'm allergic to the sun, so I can't, I don't know.

Shane Kehoe: Look at that lovely rainbow color that you have emanating from you.

Rob: Nice.

Shane Kehoe: You look the bill of ill health. You're looking better every day.

Zack: This set was custom built for this particular episode, actually.

Rob: Yeah.

Shane Kehoe: God. You guys are not spending, I mean, look at this. You got a desk. You got the mics.

Rob: Oh, yeah.

Shane Kehoe: You got some lights behind here.

Rob: We got it all.

Shane Kehoe: It's like a tiki bar. This is what I like.

Zack: [crosstalk 00:01:01] your energy.

Zack: I've had 12 hours of sleep this weekend.

Shane Kehoe: Well, do you know, you've done-

Zack: I'm whooped.

Shane Kehoe: You've done a phenomenal job, because I saw you come into the Hackathon. I saw you had all the enthusiasm. I saw you figuring it out, and then I saw you right at the end, and in fact, hold on, wasn't I drinking with you last night?

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Zack: Yeah, that's sort of a-

Rob: A little fuzzy.

Zack: Yeah. We got back, what? I probably got to bed at 12:45, but this is West Coast time, so it felt like four in the morning. But like, this weekend's been the greatest experience because I interact with all of these people in the EOS community online.

Shane Kehoe: Right.

Zack: And just, this is the first time I had the experience to meet people and really get to know everyone. There is no chance I was going to go to bed early and miss out on the extra two or three hours of getting to intermingle with everyone. It was a blast.

Shane Kehoe: Well, I think I was with you. I think we were talking about alcohol. I think we were certainly sampling it. I'm wondering where you co-host was, your partner in crime. You look really fresh.

Rob: Oh, absolutely.

Shane Kehoe: Has the mentoring not affected you? I mean-

Rob: It definitely has. I'm not used to socializing for 15 hours a day, so to be here even just talking to people for that long in the day, it just kind of wears me out, but, I got a good night's rest to speak here at Scaling Blockchain, so, I had to get my rest.

Shane Kehoe: If you could kind of sum it up in a sentence or a line, I mean, what does it kind of feel for you when you look at what you've just gone through? Now that you have a retrospective look at back at it?

Rob: I think it's am incredibly rewarding experience that's really given me an inside look into who is building on EOS today, and what they're actually building.

Zack: Amazing people. I've never been around so many diverse, multi, like, cross-functional backgrounds.

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: These are unique individuals that are building on this, because you can't just be an engineer that, well, I guess you could if you have a team, but you can't. Most of these people aren't just like, engineers. They're like, their brains just work a different way, and I've never been around 500+ people whose brains are all like ticking in the same kind of weird way that mine does.

Shane Kehoe: You touch on a good point. It's really characters that I really notice at some of these Hackathons. And characters in a way that are at the forefront of what they do. It's easy to go, "oh, wow, it's a bunch of really unusual type of people," but you're talking about the people that are breaking trail. The people that are doing something different. That people that will have that idea, creation, and generation, and see it through. It's wonderful to be part of that. I think we really have to take a step back and go how lucky we are to be at this right place at the right time.

Rob: Yeah. Absolutely.

Zack: Speaking of characters, so, the winner of the Hackathon.

Zack: Hey, Rob.

Shane Kehoe: Come on over.

Zack: Come on over-

Shane Kehoe: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on here. Drum roll, please.

Rob: And now the winner is...

Shane Kehoe: Where's your check, yeah? [crosstalk 00:03:50] Where's your check?

Zack: So this is the champ.

Shane Kehoe: The champ-champ.

Zack: The Champion. The champ is here. Introduce yourself, man.

Rob Behnke: I'm here, I'm here.

Shane Kehoe: Come on, let's go, let's go.

Rob Behnke: Is this thing on?

Zack: It's on.

Shane Kehoe: Yes, it's on.

Rob Behnke: Hey, friends. Yeah, so my name is Rob Behnke. I'm a co-founder of NouGit. NouGit is the decentralized, incentivized-

Zack: When did that company launch?

Rob Behnke: Exactly 24 hours ago. [crosstalk 00:04:15] We're not even on Google yet.

Zack: What was your experience like, man?

Rob Behnke: Hey man, I'm going to take a knee.

Zack: Yeah.

Rob Behnke: Can I take a knee?

Shane Kehoe: Yes, of course you can.

Rob Behnke: Alright, cool.

Shane Kehoe: Of course you can.

Rob Behnke: The experience has been pretty great. So like, I live in San Francisco and I'm constantly going to the meetups here and I'm constantly seeing that, you know, every meetup there's a couple more people, couple more people, couple more people.

Rob Behnke: There's been a great, sort of, influx of these meetups where, even in the last month, it was "hey everyone, meetup on Saturday, forget what you're doing, meetup on Saturday and put teams together for the Hackathon." And so out of Starfish Mission, which is a great sort of incubator, coworking space, blockchain-only in San Francisco. We all met up and that's where our team got put together.

Zack: So, I work with a great crew of people at ICO Alert, so I'm used to being around crypto people.

Rob Behnke: Yeah, yeah.

Zack: But they're not all EOS fanatics, one.

Rob Behnke: Yeah yeah, of course.

Zack: As much as I'd love for them all to buy into it as much as I do, but I was talking about how it's unique, the cross-functional backgrounds of everybody. Like, you're a business guy, but you can't just be a business guy. You have to think in a completely different way.

Rob Behnke: And that's like, anyone that's involved in startups understands for sure that you have to wear like, 50 different hats.

Shane Kehoe: Yep.

Rob Behnke: So, you know, if you're really good at finance but you're in a startup you need to ensure that you do five other things and so forth, so forth, so forth.

Rob: So explain really quickly Rob, what was the idea that won it? What is NouGit and [crosstalk 00:05:47]

Zack: Rob why don't you take my seat, because I'm going to find the next hot seat guest while you continue this conversation.

Rob Behnke: Okay, sure, let's do it.

Zack: It's going to be a great episode.

Rob Behnke: How could it not be?

Shane Kehoe: Now, don't you be going off going to sleep or resting up anywhere. I'm keeping my eye on you, Zack.

Rob: No rest.

Shane Kehoe: Yeah no rest. I'm keeping my eye on you. You've got to look after that guy.

Rob: So, NouGit. You guys won 100 grand. What was the idea that won the money?

Rob Behnke: Sure, so NouGit is incentivized, decentralized Git repo. It's pretty clear that from what I know of the open source community, they're not particularly happy about Microsoft acquiring GitHub, and they're not particularly happy about IBM acquiring Red Hat for I think 29 billion, something?

Rob: Yeah, some insane amount of money.

Shane Kehoe: Yeah.

Rob Behnke: Something around that? When you look at what those acquisitions really meant and why those happened, they happened specifically because they wanted to acquire the community. When you think about that, alright, the open source software community tends to not be big fans of big corporations that own that information.

Rob: Right. That can't really be bought.

Rob Behnke: Yeah it can't really be bought. So, when we went into the Hackathon we had several ideas. First of all, just to geek out for two seconds here, been a fan of everything EOS since episode one.

Rob: I appreciate that.

Shane Kehoe: Amen, amen.

Rob Behnke: All that stuff.

Shane Kehoe: Hear me now!

Rob Behnke: Absolutely love it. Fact is, listening to a couple episodes, also checking out crypto Twitter, our entire team was set up like, "okay, maybe the mission's going to be gaming, alright." So we had a couple different game ideas, you know?

Rob: Yeah we didn't swing in that direction.

Rob Behnke: Maybe it'll be something around social impact even though the last two other ones before was around social impact. So we had about five or six different ideas, and then when the mission actually ended up happening and being announced we were just "okay, what's the loftiest one? That one. Okay, let's go for it."

Rob: Nice.

Rob Behnke: Previous to everything that I'm doing with NouGit my day job is that I founded a company called Token Agency where we are an accelerator incubator here in San Francisco.

Rob: Oh wow.

Rob Behnke: What I really appreciate about teams that come to us are extremely sharp developers that need some marketing help. And so, it essentially happened with NouGit. My team is four extremely sharp developers and the branding guy. So I'm here to help out and be the voice and be the marketing side of it, and so when they presented me this idea I said "alright let's go for it."

Shane Kehoe: I think, first of all, your pitching was really great. We've known each other for a short period of time. It was wonderful to see you up there, execute, and I am almost obsessed to the point of unhealthiness, right? For it's got to be on the second, it's got to be on beat, and I was looking at you and I was looking at the clock coming down, and I was like, "Rob, you've got three, two, one," and you just nailed it on that. And you got a great applause because of your project and your execution, but also your timing.

Shane Kehoe: What I'm really interested to is, where do you go from here? What's the future hold? You've got a really great prize-

Zack: Hey guys.

Rob: What's going on?

Rob Behnke: Welcome back.

Shane Kehoe: You've got a really-

Zack: Guys lined up behind the camera, you can't even see them.

Shane Kehoe: You got a really great prize, you get the accolade of everybody, but as the Hackathon comes to an end, sunset sets over San Francisco, what are you going to do? How are you going to take it from here to where you need to go, because that's what I'm interested in.

Rob Behnke: It's a fantastic question, one that we're still going to absolutely figure out. You know everyone has their day jobs, everyone has what they've been working on before 48 hours before all this. But, I think the fact of the matter remains that the opportunity is too grand and too great for us to ignore this. I think that lo and behold here is, myself included or excluded, there is a very clear team that is able to execute on this concept really well, and I think where we go from here is we start working on the milestones that we outlined in the initial pitch.

Rob Behnke: So the initial pitch was let's work on decentralized storage, most likely using IPFS.

Shane Kehoe: Yeah.

Rob Behnke: Let's consider a white label solution for the current Git repos, maybe? But I think the biggest opportunity, obviously, is to just continue to build an actual proper company that is decentralized that uses the EOS token as a primary incentive model. We're not trying to build our own currently, there's no need for it when there's already incentives lined with current cryptocurrency.

Rob Behnke: So I think were we go from here is we just plug.

Zack: Hot seat, hot seat, hot seat, hot seat.

Shane Kehoe: Okay well I'd better get up, I'd better get up.

Zack: You are going to build, and then we are going to have you on in a couple weeks, a couple months, whenever you have something. I don't know if it will be after the grand finale or whenever, but I want to hear the update on what you guys are doing. This is awesome, the centralized GitHub idea. Everyone's thought that this has been needed for so long, but I'm so excited that your team's hopefully going to fulfill this vision.

Rob Behnke: Yeah.

Zack: And I want to hear more about it.

Shane Kehoe: Absolutely, we're rooting for you. Well listen, let me get out of the way here.

Zack: So we're rotating the hot seat.

Shane Kehoe: We're going to rotate the hot seat. Guys, gentlemen first of all congratulations as well. My two boys here, Zack and Rob, well done. Thank you very much for having us. Thank you for all the support, and it's been great seeing you here.

Rob: Yeah.

Shane Kehoe: You boys both nailed it. Love you. And on that note, as my boy Charles Story would say "I gotta bounce." I'll catch you boys later!

Rob Behnke: Alright, love it man.

Zack: Rotation. So we have Roman here.

Rob: Come on down.

Zack: Come on down.

Rob: You're the next contestant on Everything EOS!

Zack: I get to be in the middle now.

Rob: Switch it up, switch it up.

Roman: Hey.

Zack: So Roman is responsible for, well one, this beautiful umbrella and this background and this building we're at.

Rob: Amazing set, truly.

Zack: We're at the Scaling Blockchain Conference. This will be uploaded tonight. It's a great event. It allowed everyone that one extra day to intermingle and we had great panels, great speakers. Tell us about yourself.

Roman: Alright guys, well I think most of you know me as Investing with a Difference. I'm glad to be here on Everything EOS.

Zack: Oh yeah.

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: We're glad to have you.

Roman: Yeah, well it's good to be-

Rob: You have an awesome proxy over at Investing with a Difference, right?

Roman: Yeah, I think it's great, and great to have, you know, Rob, he gave the Keynote speech. Great fun.

Rob: Thank you.

Roman: I think we had a great, great event. Lot of speakers, [inaudible 00:12:13] and I love the EOS community for making exceptions to it, it's all a community effort, and volunteers. I think after the Hackathon everybody was tired, but I just love the energy here.

Rob: Yeah.

Roman: Just amazing. I don't expect it from any other community.

Zack: I thought the weekend was awesome because it wasn't just the Hackathon. It's half the reason I'm dead right now, actually. So I get home on Friday, I land on Friday. There's not just one, there's actually three events on Friday so shEOS had a workshop where they were teaching everyone the EOS21 protocol.

Roman: Yeah.

Zack: I miss that one but then there were two different events sponsored by Lumeos, were you part of that? The Lumeos? You probably helped organize. Yeah. It's the whole San Francisco group. It sounds like there's a tight knit community in San Francisco within the EOS community itself.

Roman: Oh yeah, so we have a lot of stuff like, the winner of the Hackathon, he comes from the meetup.

Rob: Oh wow.

Zack: Right.

Roman: Which is run local San Francisco community.

Rob: Wow that's amazing.

Roman: That's what we're trying to build here. Scaling often is all about getting developers [inaudible 00:13:14] everybody together because what is missing? What is missing is EOS right now? There's not [inaudible 00:13:21]. What is missing is app developers. We need more.

Rob: Absolutely.

Zack: That was a theme at the Hackathon. Right after Dan came onstage and the Hackathon challenge was announced, after all the hoopla was done everyone cleared out and everyone who needed teammates because they didn't have an entire team they were actually put in the hot seat themselves and they were told to get on stage with a live mic and tell people why they should join their team. The recurring theme was "I'm a business guy, I've got a great idea but I need technical support.

Rob: Yep.

Zack: So there's a-

Rob: There's a huge need for developers.

Zack: There's a great need for technical help.

Rob: Absolutely. I mean, if you look even at normal software developers, there's not enough of those, but then the Venn diagram of the blockchain developers inside that is even smaller.

Rob: I think that the question we all want to know is "when is the next Scaling Blockchain Conference?"

Zack: Yes! When?

Roman: So, as you guys know me, you know I do everything, like I do YouTube, which is like 1% of what I do on EOS. I'm actually running incubator now. I'm just stating an incubator in San Jose, Silicon Valley.

Rob: Oh wow.

Roman: On this even stuff, like I'm not a Unix guy but I love this community, so if community comes together and let's say I see a need, I want to do it every six months, why not?

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: That would be great.

Roman: The question is, I think, "how do we get together like this?" Like what's another great reason?

Zack: So-

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: I was talking to Rob-

Rob: There will definitely be Hackathons next year, I think. You know?

Roman: Yeah.

Rob: You know what I mean?

Zack: I don't know if I could handle too many weekends like this. I'm running-

Rob: You could do it twice a year. Come on.

Zack: Twice a year, yeah. Maybe.

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: Well the hacking part is the hard part for-

Rob: The hacking is what, yeah-

Zack: I went into the Hackathon, I wanted to be part of it, but I didn't want to get too serious about it because I knew I had today. This is our last podcast we're doing but it's probably the first one everyone's going to see.

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: We got some great podcast we recorded. I did one, we talked about governance with Myles Snider from Aurora BP and Kevin Rose from EOS New York. He's actually the first two-time guest, besides ourselves, obviously.

Rob: Right right right.

Zack: And those were great conversations. I also had Dominique Thomas from Warbly.

Rob: Nice.

Zack: With one of the block producers for EOS BlockSmith, who also helped organize the event. I had Shaheen on, it was great to get a perspective from a block producer who is supporting his sister chain, who is a backup on the main net, because I think that's a great opportunity for revenue streams for the backup nodes.

Rob: Definitely, yeah.

Zack: I got some great content, I don't know when it will get out, but you'll see this one tonight.

Rob: Yeah.

Zack: Did you have any eye-opening experiences at the Hackathon?

Roman: Oh Hackathon I can't even start talking. Like if I start you will all get bored, but let me tell you. I spent five minutes talking to Dan. I spent five minutes talking to Brendan Blumer, one-on-one.

Rob: Wow.

Roman: He can only-

Zack: Did they tell you all their secrets? Because we want them all.

Roman: No, because I was talking and they were listening. You know me, and I talk a lot so what happened is we started talking. They asked a very long question to me, what block one can do more.

Zack: Wow.

Rob: Wow.

Roman: You got me started right?

Rob: Oh my god, this this this. Yeah.

Zack: And what did you tell them?

Roman: I told them that, see, what we need is support with local communities. Hackathons are very great, like these are very big events that you look forward to, but right now when I go back to Silicon Valley, what do I tell them next? What is the next place to win?

Rob: Right, absolutely.

Roman: I'm actually committing, I talk about scaling blockchain, we are doing incubation, we are doing an [inaudible 00:16:33] Hackathon. I'm bringing pieces together. They don't need much.

Rob: That's awesome.

Roman: They need encouragement, they need five thousand-

Zack: You guys might not even see this on camera but I want you to know that Shane from SVK Crypto's crawling around on the ground right now trying to get his charger for his laptop.

Zack: Yeah, if I stayed in bed until like, ten minutes before we went on the air I'd be more refreshed too. I feel like I'm dead.

Zack: Alright so, could you bring us our next guest?

Roman: Sure, who is that?

Rob: Let's do it.

Zack: Where's Bluejays, he made a big announcement. Airdrop's DAC. We want to tell everyone about Airdrop DAC but we need the founder, Bluejays.

Roman: Alright so, [crosstalk 00:17:19] what happened is, Bluejays has been tied up for the launching,[inaudible 00:17:23] custodians on Airdrops team-

Zack: You can talk about it.

Roman: I'm kind of presenting them. Some of the team had flights back so they had to leave.

Zack: Is Bluejays gone?

Roman: I believe so.

Zack: Alright why don't you tell everyone about Airdrops then?

Roman: Alright so Airdrops DAC I think I have been discussing about what is EOS? We are a resource-based project. We have CPU issues, they get resolved. We have CPU emergency, we have so many things which resolve your CPU issue. You have net, net has never been an issue.

Zack: Right. Yeah.

Rob: I don't even know if net is really used, to be honest.

Roman: Yeah. And then we have RAM.

Zack: Yeah.

Roman: It has been a controversy right from day one. It has been going all the way up to one of our very expensive prices, now come down, but still if you're a DAP developer you need a lot of money. You need a lot of money to do Airdrops, you need a lot of stuff-

Zack: Roman I don't want to call you a liar but Bluejays just showed up, hop in! I'll get up again. [crosstalk 00:18:15] Rob's got a panel.

Rob: I've got a panel if you want to see it, it will be on the Investing with-

Zack: Come on, stay on. I'll slide over.

Roman: You sit here.

Zack: This is the hot seat, hop in.

Rob: Thanks for taking my seat.

Zack: The man himself. It's everything EOS. Let's go.

Roman: Come on in.

Bluejays: Hey guys.

Zack: So we were just talking about Airdrops DAC.

Bluejays: Oh yeah.

Zack: Why don't you continue, why don't you tell him where you left off?

Roman: I told everything [crosstalk 00:18:41]

Zack: Talk about whatever you want to talk about. This is the "everything is everything goes" podcast.

Bluejays: Hey everybody. What did you say about Airdrops DAC?

Roman: I was introducing the CPU and why RAM is the only piece missing right now for the developer.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Roman: So you can continue from here. Like, how do you get cheap RAM?

Bluejays: Oh well, that's a different story, we're not speculators.

Zack: So have we introduced the problem yet, then we can introduce the solution?

Roman: Yeah.

Zack: So, what's the problem with the current RAM model, I think everyone kind of knows-

Bluejays: The problem I think is, basically, developers cannot determine their RAM costs in a predictable way. Obviously it's a sum cost when people are budgeting for their app.

Zack: Yeah I remember-

Bluejays: It's $70,000, $80,000.

Zack: I don't know the cost, so that's what you're hearing from the teams? Or that's what you just know for a fact? It's still $70 to do an Airdrop to the billion plus tokens?

Bluejays: Well, [crosstalk 00:19:41]

Zack: Or is that the price whenever RAM was like crazy?

Bluejays: Well it was crazier and it's been coming down, but it's still a barrier to entry for most teams.

Zack: I've seen and heard of projects that started their Airdrops that literally ran out of RAM in the middle of their drop.

Bluejays: Yeah. Right.

Zack: I know you kind of made your announcement to the world recently, but you've been kind of working on this in stealth mode for a while now. How many teams have interacted with you and told you "we want to do this, but here are our problem?" And this is how-

Bluejays: Well the Higher Vibes team, which we've done an Airdrop for a couple weeks ago.

Zack: Met some of those guys last night, I met-

Bluejays: Oh you met EOS Vibes.

Zack: Oh sorry.

Bluejays: They're different.

Zack: Uh oh. Sorry. I did hear the differences and how, okay, sorry.

Roman: You can see the effect of the weekend on him.

Zack: So, tell me about the Higher Vibes guys.

Bluejays: Okay. They're based out of Ireland, most of them, and basically they wanted to do an Airdrop that, one, that they can afford. Two, that increased community engagement. And when you do that, when you get tokens in your wallet you don't have the incentive to do anything with that. You just leave it there, right?

Zack: Yeah.

Bluejays: Okay. In our case, we not only make it cheaper for that team, but we also say, give them a clean invitation period where it gives the opportunity for the users to say, claim that token.

Roman: Alright guys I'm still running this conference, this conference is still on.

Zack: He's been busy, it's been hard to even get him here.

Roman: Bye bye!

Zack: Are you, wait. Are you leaving too? Come say hello. And tell us about your channel. This is another, he's another YouTube guy. This is the YouTube super show.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Happy Money Man: Good day, my EOS friends, welcome to the EOS super show with these superstars right here. This is, you know, the best day of my life. Thanks for having me.

Zack: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:21:37] Happy Money Man.

Happy Money Man: Yeah, I'm the MC this weekend. Well, yeah, I was a mentor at the Hackathon and MC at this wonderful event Roland put on.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Happy Money Man: It's our lucky day, man.

Bluejays: It's been a long weekend. I'm ready to go back to Toronto.

Zack: Let's rotate, you've got to introduce the next panel, Rob already left, so. We got Jake, so, Jake from DAPPCast, why don't you hop in, either hop in a seat, hop on someone's mic.

Happy Money Man: DAPPCast?

Bluejays: Oh no.

Happy Money Man: Me and Jake go way back, here have a seat Jake.

Jake: Oh yeah, we go way back.

Zack: Are we, are we, uh oh. Here's Shane back, join in.

Shane Kehoe: I found it, it's all good. We're sorted.

Zack: Oh. I thought you had something to say. Hop in, hop in. Shane! Hop in! Jake's telling his story, he's going to tell us about DAPPCast. Tell everyone about DAPPCast.

Jake: DAPPCast-

Shane Kehoe: Let's go let's go let's go.

Jake: This podcast is all about DAPs and we just want to hear people's stories and really get it out of them and create that listening, so that's what it's all about.

Zack: Alright we're going to keep this one short because I want to update it out, I want to post it tonight, I want everyone to watch the entire thing because usually we get about 40% retention and we'll get 100% retention. People will know what they're going to get, this is the craziest shit we've ever done, I'm going to post without editing because I like to over edit myself.

Zack: What's next for SVK Crypto?

Shane Kehoe: Listen, here's what we're going to do. We're going to get back to London, we're going to do a massive debrief on everything that we've met here, all the projects, all the people, really just look over the community. We got some really big news coming. We got three investments in the pipeline

Bluejays: Awesome.

Shane Kehoe: They seem really happy about that. We're hyper focused on building out the community. We are looking at getting over to the Hackathon in South Africa, and we always remain open and helpful to all of you fine people. Well done for everyone coming down. It was a really collab air around.

Zack: Alright.

Shane Kehoe: Thank you so much for producing great content. Thank you all so much.

Zack: Awesome.

Happy Money Man: Thank you Shane.

Shane Kehoe: Thank you.

Zack: Alright, does anyone-

Bluejays: It was nice meeting you man.

Shane Kehoe: Nice one man.

Zack: If you guys want to add anything [crosstalk 00:23:32]

Happy Money Man: I've got an announcement yeah, I've got an announcement. Dio's podcast, obviously, but breaking news for you gentlemen. EOS San Francisco Block Producer is launching within the next week.

Bluejays: Wow.

Zack: Is this breaking news, or-

Happy Money Man: This is breaking news. [crosstalk 00:23:47]

Zack: Have you announced it on stage yet? I those were coming today.

Happy Money Man: It's been like-

Bluejays: Who's involved?

Happy Money Man: No I haven't announced it-

Zack: This is breaking news.

Happy Money Man: My co-founders are all Lee, who is the CEO of-

Zack: Lumeos.

Bluejays: Lumeos.

Happy Money Man: Of Lumeos, yeah. He's a gangster dev. He's like, that dude's a ninja.

Zack: He's on fire. So he's-

Happy Money Man: Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, I think, he was the lead engineer at. So he knows what's up.

Zack: Yeah I had him on my podcast a really long time ago. Jake you recorded one with him today though.

Jake: Yeah I just did. [crosstalk 00:24:16]

Zack: He'll be on DAPPCast.

Jake: Yeah.

Happy Money Man: And my other co-founder is Max Infeld. He actually created-

Bluejays: Wait so you're involved in this.

Happy Money Man: Yes I-

Zack: So who is the team?

Happy Money Man: Me, Max Infeld and Ali Ayyash.

Zack: Alright man.

Happy Money Man: And EOS San Francisco.

Zack: So when do you turn on the right to produce?

Happy Money Man: Well we are on a test net and, soon. We just want to make sure-

Zack: Where is the hardware located?

Happy Money Man: Hardware's located in Canada. Followed EOS New York with the incorporation of Woratanga and Coke Islands and on AWS and scaling from there.

Zack: Alright, wow. This is like a super show. This is like, last night you posted that tweet, we had this like-

Bluejays: That was a banging party.

Jake: Bye.

Zack: Yeah tell us about the party man, thanks for inviting me to it.

Happy Money Man: Yeah.

Zack: So if you guys saw on Twitter, we posted a picture, we were all just kind of mingling around the table and we realized "wow, everyone that basically," well almost everyone-

Bluejays: Well we called over Roman and we didn't get that picture out, so he was in that picture as well too.

Zack: Oh wow.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: Yeah the only people missing was literally Cohen Talks Crypto which is another great show.

Bluejays: Yeah he's in Costa Rica-

Zack: Crypto Tim, sorry you weren't here. Who else is missing? Dallas is missing.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: Am I missing people? I know I'm missing people. I'm sorry if I'm missing you.

Happy Money Man: Yeah.

Zack: Whatever. What else do we have?

Bluejays: I'm beat man, it was a long weekend-

Zack: Why don't you tell us what happened? So EOS Gold is launched and rebranded. Are you able to talk about [crosstalk 00:25:38] I used to watch that show.

Bluejays: For people who are confused, we don't really have anything to do with that show anymore. EOS Gold, sorry, EOS Asia bought the brand.

Zack: Okay.

Bluejays: And it's up to them what they want to do with it, so, you know. We had fun and I hope to be back one day joining the ranks one day-

Zack: Yeah you got to get a podcast back, man. It's the cool thing to do these days.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: Everyone is doing it, or doing video all of us now. I just started could months ago, you've been-

Happy Money Man: You've got the best thing in the game right now man.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: I got the Rob [inaudible 00:26:08] man, I'm like a disciple of Rob.

Zack: Rob was doing his own podcast, it was like a general crypto podcast where he'd bring on founders of, at the time ICO projects. We'd have these great conversations next to each other at our desks, we sat next to each other, "why don't we start recording?"

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: And that's how Everything EOS was born.

Zack: When did you start?

Happy Money Man: Well I-

Zack: Within the EOS community, [crosstalk 00:26:32] all the other [inaudible 00:26:34] platforms.

Happy Money Man: I'm from-

Bluejays: Wait, you are?

Happy Money Man: Yeah I was in the other crypto stuff, and you know, bitshares and then steam it for about a year and a half or so, and so, I mean, I bought EOS when it was like, 50¢.

Bluejays: Nice.

Happy Money Man: Back when you could buy it online and just not do anything except say you wanted it. You didn't even have to say what country you were from. They didn't care, they didn't know anything yet.

Zack: So that was before they banned the US.

Happy Money Man: Before they banned the US, yeah. And then for a while you could still do it through with a VPN, which I never did of course.

Bluejays: Now what made you have the faith to make that purchase?

Happy Money Man: Dan. Because of bit shares, because I didn't buy the scenario where he ran away from bit shares and ran away from-

Bluejays: That was a lot of fun at the time.

Happy Money Man: Like it seemed to silly. It's that line of reasoning, like it was so silly to me, probably because I failed at stuff before, or I've left stuff and left it to do something better-

Zack: Were you doing your YouTube show and your podcast before EOS, and then you just translated it into EOS, and is it just EOS-themed or do you like more general crypto stuff?

Happy Money Man: I'm all EOS-themed. Happy Money Man started out as lifestyle design and, because I was an entrepreneur, I wasn't fulfilled, and so I was like "okay I want to find human relationships and what fulfillment is, and then money will follow." Through that I started falling deeper into crypto and then went all EOS about March.

Zack: I've seen you work, but the only ones I've ever watched are only when you are talking about EOS stuff.

Happy Money Man: So I'm all EOS.

Zack: Those are the only ones I care to watch. Are you just EOS, or do you sometimes-

Happy Money Man: I'm all EOS. Nothing else. All EOS.

Bluejays: Good!

Happy Money Man: All EOS. EOS podcast. I started join majority EOS in about March before MainNet launch. I was at Tulip Conference, you know that-

Zack: So tell me how the EOS Go podcast got started with Kevin.

Bluejays: Yeah so, actually this started with my wife Jenny Top K-Pop, she had a radio show on-

Happy Money Man: I didn't know that, nice.

Bluejays: She had all the skills to do this and we're like, "okay, let's do this man, let's start a radio show, have fun on the air." Kevin had this dream of just like kicking back and having fun.

Zack: I don't even know when you guys started, it was a long time ago.

Bluejays: We had the Dan videos that we talked about with the RAM utilization and we went down the block one and we sort of, at the time, EOS was a scam. Everyone thought EOS was a scam, and here's a guy-

Happy Money Man: Glory days.

Bluejays: Yeah?

Happy Money Man: Glory days.

Bluejays: The glory days when you could actually profit off the fun. And now, it's like, yeah. We went out there, and we decided while we were in the blocks work, Kevin and I said "we got to do a show." And then it started up-

Zack: So the show started after the Dan episode.

Bluejays: Yeah.

Zack: So you guys were doing EOS Go, you were engaging the community. EOS Go, you are not EOS Go now. They are continuing with the community engagement and community education.

Bluejays: Community [inaudible 00:29:25] yeah.

Zack: So you kind of like, passed the torch. EOS Go, what do you think about the rebrand?

Bluejays: I like it. I like the color. That green, you know? Green's my favorite color.

Zack: Doesn't make you sad? I'm pumped for Airdrops DAC.

Bluejays: Yeah, I mean, Airdrops DAC is enabling developers. We want more teams, we want more engagement. We want this chain to be actually used. And that's what this is all about.

Zack: That's actually why everyone had to leave. The topic there, I don't know if they started it yet, but it's mass adoption.

Bluejays: Yes.

Zack: I kind of wanted to see it, but I'm always talking about mass adoption. I think there's a lot of pieces to this puzzle but this grand vision won't be fulfilled until mass adoption is reached it's-

Bluejays: We need people to use these tokens and not just hold them, and invest and keep them. We need them to use it to engage.

Zack: I wish I knew how we could get there but they're giving all the secrets away on stage. My thing is, I think the theme of this show and the theme of my weekend is "no sleep-"

Bluejays: Yeah.

Happy Money Man: Yeah.

Zack: "-until mass adoption."

Happy Money Man: I thought it was no sleep through the weekend, man, but also till mass adoption.

Zack: I can't wait to sleep.

Happy Money Man: I'm ready to sleep [crosstalk 00:30:26]

Zack: How much sleep did you get this weekend?

Happy Money Man: Oh, dude.

Zack: You were a mentor.

Happy Money Man: I was a mentor and I thought I had the midnight to six in the morning shift, and so at 11:00 at night I just started pounding coffee. They had free espresso and I had a couple espressos. I was drinking Red Bulls, and I look at the schedule and I didn't have to work through the night so I went back to my hotel and stated at the ceiling. So I literally slept like, maybe an hour, but super restless.

Bluejays: What was that, the Friday night?

Happy Money Man: That was Saturday night before Sunday.

Bluejays: Okay.

Happy Money Man: So, yeah.

Bluejays: Talk about how Block One organizes this whole thing. They think of everything. They give you deodorant. They give you-

Zack: Let's talk about the swag.

Bluejays: And the food, and the swag, and the coffee.

Zack: I'm going to grab some swag off camera, could you guys talk about the swag in the grab bag we got [crosstalk 00:31:12]

Bluejays: Did you open up the swag bag? I briefly opened it up.

Happy Money Man: Yeah well I got the same thing as you guys, but basically a sweatshirt, or a Patagonia sweater, which was amazing. That's like, one of my favorites. A really killer computer bag. A hard drive, silver, beautiful little hard drive, with an EOS IO logo on it. A really nice water bottle. T-shirts. I mean, it's-

Bluejays: You know what I really wanted to do? Did you see that big chestahedron?

Happy Money Man: Yeah.

Bluejays: I really saw so many people crawling inside of it and I just wanted to get at least one body part inside of it, so I put my leg in there.

Happy Money Man: That's my favorite picture in the whole thing, actually, is being a couple people around that. Yeah. Oh here comes the swag bag.

Bluejays: Oh my gosh.

Happy Money Man: Yeah I was handing out swag. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole thing.

Bluejays: Oh, okay.

Happy Money Man: Right in the beginning everyone was super excited coming down the line to all the teams, and I was handing t-shirts, caps, yeah.

Bluejays: So how was that mentor experience, would you do it again?

Happy Money Man: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, food, great hotel, swag. It's-

Zack: This is a different show. I'm sorry guys-

Happy Money Man: Hey swoop in here man.

Zack: Are we still talking about swag because that was the topic when I-

Happy Money Man: [crosstalk 00:32:21] Hey, cheers my EOS friends, much love to you. My favorite part is meeting-

Zack: It sounds like we have a hot seat open, get in the hot seat man, get in the hot seat. [crosstalk 00:32:33] Come on man.

Happy Money Man: Cheers my friends.

Zack: We are going to wrap this up, this conference is almost over.

Jake: That is a great segue.

Bluejays: Yeah I know right.

Zack: [crosstalk 00:32:43] we don't even need a segue.

Bluejays: Thanks for having me on man.

Zack: You could-

Jake: Yeah thanks for having me on man.

Zack: How do we find you?

Jake: How do you find me? You go to Twitter, you search "@DAPPCast" that's how you find me. Or on YouTube, DAPPCast.

Zack: And how to we find Bluejays and Airdrops DAP?

Bluejays: @Bluejays3000 on Twitter and www.airdropsdac.com. There you go.

Zack: Alright-

Bluejays: If you've got Airdrops give us a call.

Zack: Thanks for watching everybody, I apologize, well, I don't apologize because this is going to be an awesome episode. It's a little bit different than what you're used to seeing but you're going to see it quick. Thanks for watching, this is Everything EOS.

Bluejays: Cheers, guys.

Jake: Cheers.


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