Written by Zack Gall

Data Analyst at ICO Alert
April 19 2018

Everything EOS Podcast #4: WAX Controversy, Social Media 2.0 on EOS, and a spotlight on Everipedia.

Everything EOS Podcast #4: WAX Controversy, Social Media 2.0 on EOS, and a spotlight on Everipedia.

A recap of the latest news and announcements by Block.One and EOS including a spotlight on Everipedia.

Disclaimer: ICO Alert does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings, including EOS. ICO Alert does not receive any compensation for the Everything EOS Podcast from Block.One or EOS, however, Robert Finch and Zack Gall do both personally own EOS tokens.

Episode #4 Summary:

In today’s episode we cover the topics below:

“You have to create a system that’s so viral in its own right the people will adopt it without without being forced to adopt it. You create a new system and you move to the new system so you create a social media platform that everyone wants to be a part of and it can govern itself so well that people want to use the social media governance for more things and that just creeps into use natural a versus saying hey let’s tear down the older and replace it with the new. You you have to organically create something that can live within the current environment and make the older techniques redundant and eventually unnecessary.”
— Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.One

About EOS

  • Scalable
    *Support thousands of Commercial Scale DApps
    *Parallel Execution
    *Asynchronous Communication
    *Separates Authentication from Execution
  • Flexible
    *Freeze and Fix Broken Applications
    *Generalized Role-based Permissions
    *Web Assembly
  • Usable
    *Web Toolkit for Interface Development
    *Self Describing Interfaces
    *Self Describing Database Schemes
    *Declarative Permission Scheme
  • Equal Opportunity
    *To ensure inclusivity, EOS Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by market demand. This mimics mining without giving potential unfair advantages to large purchasers.
  • Broad Distribution
    *The EOS Token distribution takes place over 341 days which is expected to provide ample time for the community to familiarize themselves with the project, as well as participate in the distribution.
  • Transparency
    *An Ethereum smart contract proves receipt of incoming funds for EOS Tokens.

Useful Links and References:

  1. EOS.io: Official EOS Website
  2. EOS Go: Community-driven EOS updates, news, and forums.
  3. EOS Index: Directory of All Projects Building on EOS

The Everything EOS Podcast showcases discussion about the EOS.IO blockchain. Each week the podcast spotlights a specific topic which may include reviews of new DApps, major announcements, VC Partners, and more leading up to the launch of the EOS mainet in June 2018 and beyond. The podcast is hosted by Zack Gall, a data research analyst at ICO Alert, and Robert Finch, the Founder of ICO Alert. New episodes are released weekly.

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