Written by Zack Gall

Data Analyst at ICO Alert
August 7 2018

Everything EOS Podcast: Weekly Recap and Lumeos DApp Spotlight

Everything EOS Podcast: Weekly Recap and Lumeos DApp Spotlight

Disclaimer: ICO Alert does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings, including EOS. ICO Alert does not receive any compensation for the Everything EOS Podcast from Block.One or EOS, however, Robert Finch and Zack Gall do both personally own EOS tokens.

Episode #17: Lumeos DApp Spotlight

Special Guest: Ali Ayyash — CEO of Lumeos and former Ethereum developer

Lumeos is a decentralized data sharing platform where the access and the privacy of the user data are fully controlled by the user. Lumeos is built on the EOS blockchain allowing custom permissions. Social data is encrypted using a user-generated private key, sits in the user account on the blockchain, and can be shared with multiple users free or in exchange for Lumeos utility tokens (LUME).

Learn More: www.lumeos.io

Episode #16: New Exchanges, New Tools, and Hackathon News

A weekly recap of the news, announcements, and developments around EOS.io.

Useful Links and References:

  1. EOS.io: Official EOS Website
  2. EOS Go: Community-driven EOS updates, news, and forums.
  3. EOS Index: Directory of All Projects Building on EOS

The Everything EOS Podcast showcases discussion about the EOS.IO blockchain. Each week the podcast spotlights a specific topic which may include reviews of new DApps, major announcements, VC Partners, and more leading up to the launch of the EOS mainet in June 2018 and beyond. The podcast is hosted by Zack Gall, a data research analyst at ICO Alert, and Robert Finch, the Founder ofICO Alert. New episodes are released weekly.

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