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January 9 2018

ICO Alert Crypto Minute: January 9, 2018

ICO Alert Crypto Minute: January 9, 2018

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Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 7:10AM EST
Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 7:10AM EST
Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 7:10AM EST

Telegram is planning to launch its own ICO. Image by Creative Thoughts.

Telegram Planning An ICO, Aims to Raise USD 500 Million in Pre-ICO

Telegram is planning to launch its own ICO, which will fund the development of its own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. As reported by TechCrunch, Telegram’s cryptocurrency will be used for payments on its chat app “and beyond.” Telegram is allegedly aiming to raise USD 500 million in the pre-ICO sale.

Ripple and Bitcoin Decrease 10 and 7.6 Percent, Respectively; Ethereum Increases 4.7 Percent

Ripple’s (XRP) market price decreased 10 percent on January 8, 2018. According to CNBC, Coinmarketcap.com showed the market price of XRP decreased by 25 percent. However, Coinmarketcap.com does not include certain prices from Korean exchanges. Bitcoin also decreased 7.6 percent, while Ethereum increased 4.7 percent.

U.S. SEC Halts Exchanges of UBI Blockchain Internet Stocks

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has halted the exchange shares of UBI Blockchain Internet, a Chinese company that advertises blockchain programs and services. The SEC is investigating potentially inaccurate information the company filed in its disclosures to the agency. It is also investigation “recent, unusual and unexplained market activity” involving the company’s stock since November 2017.

Mining Malware Sends Cryptocurrency to North Korean University

A cybersecurity company has discovered software that mines cryptocurrency. As reported by Reuters, that code then sends the cryptocurrency to a North Korean university’s server. North Korea has reportedly been using malware in a variety of ways to get cash into its economy.

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