Written by Rob Finch

CEO at Cypherglass, a Top 21 EOS Block Producer. Founder @icoalert
December 11 2017

ICO Alert Podcast #19: CryptoKitties

ICO Alert Podcast #19: CryptoKitties

An interview with Benny & Elsa, two of the CoFounders of CryptoKitties

On the show today are Benny & Elsa, two of the founders of CryptoKitties, a recent game that has taken the Ethereum community by storm. During the podcast, we’ll talk about the platform, how they came up with the idea, future thoughts on scalability, and more.

You may be asking:

  • What is CryptoKitties?
  • How does CryptoKitties work?
  • How do I play the CryptoKitties game?

Benny & Elsa answer all of that, and more, in Episode 19 of the ICO Alert Podcast.

The ICO Alert Podcast showcases exclusive, in-depth interviews with founders of past, present, and future Initial Coin Offerings. The podcast is hosted by Robert Finch, the Founder of ICO Alert, and new episodes are released weekly. If you’d like, you can request a guest to appear on a future episode by tweeting us @icoalert

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