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October 5 2017

ICO Alert Report: Astronaut Capital

ICO Alert Report: Astronaut Capital

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What is Astronaut Capital?

Astronaut is an asset management platform focused on gaining exposure to a basket of researched and verified ICOs and altcoins. Astronaut utilizes research analysts exclusively from Picolo Research to filter and conduct due diligence on potential investments.
Our goal is to raise the bar in terms of the level of analysis and transparency in the ICO market. By conducting in-depth due diligence, we seek to find safe and high probability growth projects for novice investors that simply don’t have the time to commit to doing themselves.
This also includes risk management and exit of potential opportunities where capital gain can be secured while markets are in a period of significant volatility (which is always).
The ecosystem we are building will contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of the cryptocurrency market.
— Matthew Dibb, Founder and CEO

Crowdsale Information
The final stage of the crowdsale began on October 5, 2017 and will end October 25, 2017 at 9pm EDT. The price per ASTRO token is $1 and there are a total of 6,400,000 ASTRO tokens available this final round. The previous three rounds offered a 30%, 20%, and 10% bonus in chronological order.

Any tokens that are not sold during the crowdsale will be burned. Any tokens not sold during the first three stages will be sold during the final stage.

For more detailed information on how to participate, visit the Astronaut Capital website here.

Token Distribution Information
There are a total of 30,000,000 ASTRO tokens being created and tokens will be distributed to contributors shortly after the end of the crowdsale.

The Astro token is an ERC-20 token, so it’s important that contributors use an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet when storing Astronaut tokens.

88%: Available across the presale (complete) and crowdsale.
11%: Held by the management team and it’s investment committee as performance incentives (subject to a vesting schedule).
1%: Allocated to advisors and developers.

Use of Crowdsale Proceeds
92% of funds will be deployed strictly into investment to achieve token holder income and capital growth

8% of funds will be utilized for ongoing operating costs (auditing, legal, terminals) including the completion of our portfolio tools for our token holders. This portion from the initial sale is budgeted to last for the life of the token.

Matthew Dibb, Founder and CEO
Matt is the owner of Picolo Research and has held various advisor roles in the cryptocurrency and traditional finance space. Before Astronaut Capital, he founded Incipient Capital Group, a boutique investment firm focused on disruptive technology. He has other career experience in derivatives, commodities, futures, and forex.

Michael Gord, Investment Advisor
Michael is also the founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain Consulting, a company focused on developing applications through consultation with small to large companies. He has held a variety of different positions within the cryptocurrency space, including the founding of Bitcoin Canada, an educational resource in the cryptocurrency space. He was a blockchain developer for TD Ameritrade, is a technical writer for Bitcoin Magazine, and holds various advisor roles within the space.

Astronaut Capital has four other advisors: Simon Heikkila, Scott Moore, Roman Volkov, and Jon Myers. These advisors are also presently employed elsewhere.

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/astronautcap/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/astronautcap
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/astronautcapital/
Telegram: https://t.me/astroico


ICO Alert: How does the Astronaut Capital token (ASTRO) function within the platform and why is it needed?

Mathew Dibb, Founder and CEO: The token serves a number of purposes:

a) It gives the holders the right to receive a quarterly dividend based on the performance of investment.

b) It gives holders the ability to secure capital gains on the market via the ASTRO token free trading price. As with listed funds, we target token pricing according to the AUM (Assets Under Management) and a growing market cap.

c) It gives the holders access to our research and portfolio portal where they are the first to see and be advised of new proprietary research that is conducted by Astronaut’s team, Picolo Research.

ICO Alert: Why is there a need for Astronaut Capital? Why wouldn’t users just invest in ICOs and altcoins themselves?

Astronaut Capital: Astronaut isn’t for everyone. Quite simply, we identified the fact that many people don’t have the time, experience or drive to seek opportunities by themselves. If the average person was simply to invest by being influenced based on social media ads and “hype,” we see this as a significant risk for their portfolio.
For those who are constantly engaged within the crypto community and spend hours per week finding their own opportunities, we suggest they continue doing so. However, there is a large portion of current and new investors that don’t fit into this category. The time it takes to research, verify, apply, and manage investments into new ICOs should not be understated.
We are not a business that is creating a new groundbreaking technology. Our goal is simply to create a streamlined offering for those in the market that are seeking diverse exposure in the market without the headache.

ICO Alert: The cryptocurrency community is often wary of putting its funds into other people’s hands. What experience does the team have in managing other people’s’ money, in investing in the cryptocurrency space, and what transparency/audit components does the project have to help build trust?

Astronaut Capital: I think the notion of investors being “wary” of placing funds in others’ hands is ironic. We have seen a huge portion of ICOs take up to $50 million with no details as to how the funds are being used (no use of proceeds). Furthermore, the fact that some have raised up to three times more than their initial goal is also concerning.
The fact of the matter is, Astronaut is not a research and development business focused on creating the next big blockchain tech. We have a very small portion of capital that will be used for research analysts and development of the investor management platform. Outside of this, there is no significant tech that will be built. Exposure through the token is directly linked to potential growth opportunities that we identify.
Whilst our investment committee is growing (IC), we have diverse experience in research, analysis and investor management. I myself have been managing small cap (IPO) funds for over six years. Scott Moore comes from an investment management background in the tech and blockchain segment specifically. Mike Gord has been advising on blockchain fintech for a number of years now.
In addition to this, the team members have all been active in the analysis and due diligence conducted by Picolo Research. We believe that our history in providing transparent reporting and recommendations speaks for itself. It is our advice that all investors seeking to contribute review our reports through Picolo Research first.
Our investment committee will be ever changing, bringing in expertise that has specific and credible knowledge of the blockchain industry. An evolving first class IC is our goal.
With regards to transparency, we seek to implement open auditing of accounts, both exchange and fiat. This will be available for all token holders to view in the Astronaut Portfolio Tracker.

ICO Alert: There has been recent drama surrounding China and South Korea banning ICOs. How does the ever-changing ICO regulatory space affect Astronaut Capital and its contributors? Where is Astronaut Capital based and incorporated?

Astronaut Capital: Changes in regulation are going to affect all coin offerings. While friendly jurisdictions are progressively becoming more available, the pool of investors becomes smaller as ICOs become more self regulated.
Astronaut has already taken reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with this, prohibiting investment from the likes of China, Singapore, and the U.S. This does have an effect on the success of the token sale, however, it is a necessary step in the right direction to ensure that token holders are safe guarded.
Picolo Research (the research house) is incorporated in Singapore. Astronaut Capital is currently in the registration process within Zurich.

ICO Alert: What is the process Astronaut Capital is using to differentiate between “low-grade” and “high-grade” ICOs? What is the transparent and research backed methodology the team is using? What is and where does Picolo Research fit in?

Astronaut Capital: Picolo Research prides itself as being truly independent. The firm has a habit of going against the grain of some ICOs, posting negative reports for those that deserve it, and recommendations backed by analytics for those that do.
Our process is highlighted in the whitepaper and can also be found by browsing recent reports. We take a methodical approach, similar to that of analyzing small cap IPOs. These include, but are not limited to: capital structure, commercial viability, MVP and concept analysis, future roadmap, management team analysis, competitive market review, token structure, vesting periods, and more.
What we don’t take into account are those things that can be misrepresented very easily. Twitter followers, Alexa site rankings etc. Anything that contributes to a “hype-level” can be easily manipulated.

ICO Alert: Presales are often only available to those with large amounts of funds to contribute, or for friends of the project. How much does the project need to flourish, and how connected is the team in the ICO space?

Astronaut Capital: Through our team at Picolo Research, Astronaut has access to unique ICO deal flows before it even makes it to the mainstream community. Our team has relationships with several token distribution platforms, crypto focused VC firms and crypto funds, often presenting us private sale placements for ‘under the radar’ opportunities. There is no doubt that earlier placements are now being snapped up by institutions and those who are connected. We seek to use this to our advantage in securing private and presale opportunities on behalf of Astronaut holders.
In our experience, the ticket size for gaining such access to pre and private sales is usually in the range of 500–800 ETH (for the big listings). This fits well within the Astronaut mandate, even based on achieving a significantly smaller cap.

ICO Alert: Is there investment history in the cryptocurrency space that the team can showcase? What are goal returns the team is aiming for and through what structure are the returns being distributed?

Astronaut Capital: Prior to the public release of Picolo Research, we were involved with trading and mandated research on behalf of HNW (high net worth) clients. It was after this that we then launched Picolo Research.
Our track record is dictated by our research, which is available to anyone on our website, www.picoloresearch.com

ICO Alert: How far along is the project today? What does the roadmap look like for the rest of 2017 and 2018? When will contributors’ funds be used to invest?

Astronaut Capital: Our token sale is progressing quite well and we still have a few weeks left. Token holders’ funds will be deployed after the close of the token sale for new investment. Unfortunately, we are unable to contribute to new ICOs until such a time in which it is all closed and remaining tokens, if any, are burned.
With regards to technology, we are currently in alpha and front and coding for our Astronaut Portfolio tracker. We are releasing the UX to presale members to refine the way in which token holders will interact with the platform.
Essentially, we aim for a December release of the Web App and iOS. We will further refine these throughout January before working on an Android version.

ICO Alert: As a non-Astronaut Capital question we like to ask for unique predictions on the cryptocurrency and ICO space in the near future. Where do you see the industry in 3–5 years?

Astronaut Capital: We believe that ICOs are here to stay, however, the market will change significantly. While the vast majority of ICOs are now concept/MVP (minimum viable product) driven, we believe the marketplace will evolve, with established industry leaders finding value in the market and the ecosystem.
The recent introduction of Kik’s ICO (KIN) is a good example. While the company has had access to venture capital for some time, they found strategic value in offering a token.
Once the dust settles and regulatory framework is more certain, we see ICOs as a secondary market to IPOs where there is an advantage to community driven tokens. As an example, think of hotel and airline loyalty points, and the ability for these to be blockchain based, transferable, and exchange driven. Concepts such as this can be game-changers for already what are billion-dollar companies.

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