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September 8 2017

ICO Alert Report: Hedge Token

ICO Alert Report: Hedge Token

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What is Hedge Token?

Hedge Token is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diversification through our flagship products, Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs), and hedging through different instruments. Our platform will enable crypto investors to manage the risk exposure they have on the market confidently. Furthermore, Hedge Token is in the process of launching a set of professionally designed indices for the crypto market. The first such indices will serve as a base for the construction of cryptocurrency investment baskets.
— Gasper Stih, Community Manager

Crowdsale Information
The crowdsale begins on September 15, 2017 12:00 CET and ends on October 15, 2017 12:00 CET. One Hedge Token (HDG) will be priced at 0.002 Ether, and there is a bonus schedule incentivizing early contribution:

Bonus schedule for Hedge Token contribution

HDG is an ERC-20 token, and only Ether is accepted for contribution. It’s important to send the contribution from an ERC-20 compatible wallet (Myetherwallet, etc.) in order to be able receive your tokens. There is a hard cap of $15,000,000, and a minimum goal of $1,500,000. If the hard cap is reached, the crowdsale will end immediately and if the minimum is not met, all contributions will be returned at the end of the crowdsale.

Token Distribution information
There are a total of 50,000,000 HDG tokens being created, with 30,000,000 HDG available during the crowdsale. Tokens will be distributed to contributors on October 16, 2017. Any tokens that are not sold during the crowdsale will be burned.

60% — Crowdsale
20% — Team members (allocation locked for six months)
7% — Advisors
5% — Initial investors
5% — Future partners
3% — Contributors

Use of Crowdsale Proceeds
35% — Development
15% — Product management
10% — General and administrative
10% — User interface
10% — Platform marketing
8% — Legal and licensing
5% — CTI operations
5% — Research and development
2% — Data vendor partnerships

Savo Lovsin, Project Manager
Savo has experience in market-making and arbitrage trading. He held the role of assistant director for Deloitte, and senior consultant at L3 Consulting Group. Savo has broad experience in markets, trading, arbitrage strategies, and financial modeling. Currently, he is dedicated full-time to bringing Hedge Token to the market.

Giovanni Lesna, Product Development
Giovanni is a financial product specialist with a focus in mutual funds and experience on an international level in the finance industry. He has held the role of business analyst and investment consultant with a focus on trading platforms, banking risk, and fintech.

Janez Benedik, Investment Analyst
Janez is a finance specialist and investment analyst with international experience in the insurance industry, including investment management, investment operations, and investment accounting.

Kristjan Dekleva, Investment Analyst
Kristjan has a master of finance degree, with a focus on private equity, corporate finance, and asset management. He has experience in academic research and the financial services industry. Currently, he is pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Gasper Stih, Community Manager
Gasper is a community manager with a keen focus on setting and implementing social media and communication campaigns that align with marketing strategies. Gasper has held the position of product manager and IT manager before his time at Hedge Token.

Jure Grabnar, Developer
Jure is a highly skilled developer with several years of experience in software engineering, design, and development of data processing algorithms used in trading systems. He has his master’s degree in computer science and has held the role of software engineer shortly before his work at Hedge Token.

Matej Zrimsek, Developer
Matej is a project developer with several years of experience in problem solving and development of full-stack applications. He has held the role of full-stack developer since 2014 and has his master’s degree in computer and information science.

Klemen Gantar, Developer
Klemen is a project developer with many years of experience in his field. He takes a skillful approach to problem-solving and development of full-stack applications.

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hedgetoken/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hedgetoken
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HedgeToken/


ICO Alert: How does the Hedge Token (HDG) function within the platform and why is it needed?

Gasper Stih, Community Manager: To access our platform, you will need Hedge Token (HDG) to pay the platform fees, transaction fees, and management fees for CTIs and other services or instruments available on the platform.

ICO Alert: For those who are not familiar, what is an “index” and why is it important in a new market like cryptocurrency?

Hedge Token: An index measures the cumulative performance of an individual market (or segment of the market). It is essentially a type of financial benchmark that measures market performance. No widely accepted crypto index represents cryptocurrencies or assets as an asset class. Hedge Token is creating professionally designed and maintained indices to serve as a benchmark for crypto financial instruments. This will enable investors and traders to gain crypto market exposure. We aim to provide a secure, real-time platform, where the market is at your fingertips and investors have the ability to tame volatility and inefficiency of crypto markets.

ICO Alert: Hedge Token is creating cryptocurrency indices for trading the market. What type of indices does Hedge Token plan to use, what cryptocurrencies will exist within the first indices, and do you have plans to include more indices in the future? What’s the difference between the Hedge Token CCX30, BTCCX and a CTI?

Hedge Token: Indices and official rulebooks are developed specifically for us by high level industry professionals based in Switzerland. We plan to introduce different indices that will follow crypto currency and crypto asset markets. First, we will focus on 10/30 of the biggest crypto assets and currencies, and further develop industry and country specific indices. This includes:
CCX30 — Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index
Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index follows the developments of the wider crypto market, tracking the prices of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
BTCCX — Bitcoin Price Index — BTCCX
Bitcoin Price Index will be the first commercial implementation of a single reference price of several Bitcoin exchanges.
CTI — Crypto Traded Indices
CTI is a diversified collection of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets that trades on an exchange. Each CTI includes a different assortment of specific digital assets and offers them to the community of supporters. CTIs are an easy-to-use, low cost, and efficient way to acquire cryptocurrencies in the desired assortment of underlying assets.
Next crypto indices in development:
· Crypto Asset Index (Q1 2018)
· Crypto Income Index (Q2 2018)
· Crypto Specific Sector Indices (Q2-Q3 2018)
· Crypto Specific Country Indices (Q3-Q4 2018)

ICO Alert: The SEC has recently made statements on ICOs and their possible security classification. Does this statement affect Hedge Token and do you plan to offer the ICO to U.S. investors?

Hedge Token: It is still up in the air. We are working with our legal team on this and in a few days we will disclose the final decision.

ICO Alert: Does the team foresee cryptocurrency day traders and investors using Hedge Token as a supplement to their current strategy, or new investors using Hedge Token to invest in the industry as a whole?

Hedge Token: We foresee consumer potential in both new investor and current investor segments.

ICO Alert: For the experienced cryptocurrency trader, why is Hedge Token something they should use and could benefit from?

Hedge Token: The type of financial instruments that Hedge Token will offer are currently not available in the cryptocurrency market. Basing decisions on professionally designed indices and hedging of investments with a click and not long-term procedures, will be beneficial for everyone.

ICO Alert: The roadmap lists the business structure and incorporation to be completed in October, something that may worry potential contributors. Why has this not occurred yet?

Hedge Token: The roadmap defines the latest deadlines for reaching our milestones. The business structure and incorporation are expected to be finalized in Switzerland much sooner than October.

ICO Alert: At what point does the team foresee token holders being able to use the platform?

Hedge Token: Live trading with CTIs is planned for June 2018!

ICO Alert: As a non-Hedge Token question we like to ask the team for unique predictions on the future of the cryptocurrency market from their shoes. Where do you think the industry will be in the coming years?

Hedge Token: Having stepped into the cryptocurrency economy from the “old school” financial world, we see a great potential for market growth and offering market solutions, which are at a point of crucial importance for stable operations. Services for this market have to develop quickly in order to satisfy the great influx of different types of users.

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