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December 2 2017

ICO Alert Report: indaHash

ICO Alert Report: indaHash

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ICO Alert Quick Facts

  1. Register for indaHash ICO and view Whitepaper
  2. Bonus Scale:
     — 1 ETH = 3840 IDH Nov 29, 2017 — Dec 6, 2017–20% bonus
     — 1 ETH = 3520 IDH Dec 6, 2017 — Dec 13, 2017–10% bonus
     — 1 ETH = 3200 IDH Dec 13, 2017 — Dec 20, 2017–0% bonus
  3. Immediate token distribution after contribution thanks to smart contract. Transferable after ICO.
  4. 5% commission in IDH from referral program.
  5. Bounty Program

What is indaHash?

indaHash is the best influencer marketing app which enables brands to reach thousands of mid-tier digital influencers instantly. We’ve developed a scalable technology to let social media users participate in online campaigns for the brands they like the most.
Since 2016 indaHash has become a leading social media marketing app, connecting over 350 000 social media power users to brands known worldwide. We operate in 70 markets and we are also busy expanding campaigns to other parts of the world.
As from January 2016 we have run more than +1000 campaigns, for the biggest brands like McDonald’s, Nestle, P&G, L’oreal, Sephora, Coca-Cola, Huawei, T-Mobile, etc.
Our mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to solve major issues between brands, influencers and their audiences. Our cryptoeconomics implies circulation of the indaHash Coin among all of these groups and creates a new type of relationship and added value.
— Barbara Soltyinsinka, CEO


ICO Alert: We recently spoke at the beginning of November and since then you’ve completed a pre-ICO! How did the pre-ICO go, and in summary for those who are not familiar with indaHash, can you explain what it is, and what the team aims to accomplish?

indaHash: The award-winning app which connects over 300,000 influencers from 70 markets with global brands introduces the indaHash Coin. Our mission is to tokenize the entire influencer industry to solve major issues between brands, influencers and their audiences. Our cryptoeconomics implies circulation of the indaHash Coin among all of these groups and creates a new type of relationship and added value.

ICO Alert: How does the indaHash token (IDH) function within the platform and why is it needed?

indaHash: The goal of our ICO is to create a universal cryptocurrency structure available to social media influencers, their audiences and brands to revolutionize the functionality of the multi-billion dollar influencer industry. The introduction of the indaHash Coin act as the foundation of the ecosystem that will enable influencers to create their own cryptocurrencies, which will radically change the way influencer business is conducted worldwide. indaHash token works between three users: brands, influencers and social media followers.
Brands use indaHash Coin to reward influencers for marketing campaigns. When influencers receive indaHash Coin, they have the possibility to exchange it for a brand’s products and receive discounts when shopping, along with early access to novelties. Influencers can also create their own tokens and use them to increase their audience engagement by rewards and gamification.
Influencers’ audience can use collected tokens and exchange them for exclusive actions that the influencers prepare for their community. For example, customized prizes signed by the influencer, closed meetings and social activities.
More details on how these parties will benefit from the token can be viewed on our Whitepaper.
Further, due to cooperation with the biggest brands in the world, indaHash has been dependent on long payment periods. Hence, the payment for influencers for completed campaigns takes anywhere from 30–60 days to settle. By introducing indaHash Coin we would like to abolish the long wait time and implement immediate transfers after completing a task. This will bring increased benefits for the influencers and, as a result, speed up the adaptation of indaHash Coin.
Because of the regional limitations, indaHash is not able to cooperate with thousands of influencers around the world. We want to reduce these limitations by providing boundless token transfers for all influencers globally. This will ultimately allow influencers in more countries around the world to cooperate with indaHash.
As of yet, indaHash has had to collect a lot of personal information from influencers such as addresses, bank account numbers, etc. to settle payments. It has often been seen as an inconvenience for the influencers who care about their privacy. We believe that transfers in indaHash Coin will abolish this inconvenience and open indaHash for new users. After receiving indaHash Coins, influencers can use it to further activity or exchange it on cryptocurrency exchanges. The group of potential merchants will also include indaHash itself that will obtain indaHash Coins to cooperate with influencers for future campaigns.

ICO Alert: You have plans to integrate with exchanges as the next milestone on your roadmap. Have any announcements been made yet, or are you ready to make them now? (If not, any big names in planning?)

indaHash: We will publish all information regarding exchanges after the ICO.

ICO Alert: There are over 300,000 influencers on the indaHash platform. Who are the largest influencers that indaHash has signed on who will be able to help bring a network effect to the platform encouraging other influencers to take part?

indaHash: We are mid-tier and micro influencers company. Our goal is to conduct campaigns engaging hundreds of medium size influencers and not the biggest stars, who have their own managers and agencies in terms of branded campaigns.

ICO Alert: What does 4400+ contributors to the presale mean to the project’s success and the team itself? Do you have a goal number of contributors for the ICO?

indaHash: Barbara Soltysinska, co-founder of indaHash.com commented, “This pre-ICO represents a new and exciting chapter in the indaHash story. More than 4,400 people from around the world have chosen to join the journey we began less than two years ago. As a result, we managed to achieve 100% of our pre-ICO target in just a few days. This is a testament to the team who has worked diligently for months to ensure we had the best possible structure in place and we are delighted by the feedback from the community on our idea of tokenizing the influencer industry. Now we are anticipating our main ICO and look forward to implementing our cryptoeconomic model into the indaHash app in 2018.”
Our primary goal is not financial or about having the highest number of contributors, but to create a new and revolutionary ecosystem for influencers and brands based on the blockchain. To make it happen we must obtain scale and liquidity in terms of our tokens so influencers will be able to use them. Our vision is to give them a working solution with all the benefits already implemented.
We treat this as a big success because we’ve managed to achieve the minimum goal of the whole ICO process during the pre-ICO. In terms of the complete ICO process we expect at least 10,000 people to take part.

ICO Alert: How does the referral program work for the ICO and how many referral members do you have referring the project’s ICO to others already?

indaHash: Our indaHash ICO referral program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. In order to receive additional IDH tokens participants can promote our ICO by posting promotional materials regarding the indaHash ICO throughout the web.

The Process Is Very Simple: 
When you join our referral program, you will be supplied with a range of graphics and textual links that you can place within your site, socials and other platforms.

  1. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our ICO landing page and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.
  2. If these users register for the ICO, they will be marked with your affiliate ID
  3. With every amount of ETH received from users you’ve brought to our landing page — you’ll receive 5% in IDH tokens.
  4. For example, if a user from your referral link sends us 10 ETH, you will receive a 1920 IDH (1st main ICO week — 20% bonus) commission.

At this moment more than 4000 people have registered in our referral program.

ICO Alert: How long has the company indaHash been around? What are some of the business statistics over the past three years? (revenue, profits, team size currently + growth, expected future growth, revenue and profit)

indaHash: Since 2016 indaHash has conducted more than 1000+ campaigns for the world’s largest brands (Coca-cola, McDonald`s, L’Oreal, Electrolux and many more) in 70 markets and owns offices in Germany, Poland, USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and South Africa. We cooperate with over 350,000 influencers internationally and the indaHash team has grown from a small group of people to an over 130 person team of people from around the world which continues to expand.
From opening offices in London, Berlin, and Warsaw from January 2016 to June 2016 indaHash had already reached a break-even point with 50,000 global influencers.
Between October 2016 to November 2016 indaHash CEO Barbara Soltysinska was interviewed on BBC Business Live and also won EY Entrepreneur of the Year (New Business Category)!
By February 2017 indaHash experienced a 121.4% growth at over 70 employees. Now company has around a 130 person team.
The past summer of 2017 was extremely productive for indaHash as it won the Accenture Consumertech Award and opened its 7th office, after Warsaw, Berlin, London, NYC, Johannesburg, and Dubai, in Singapore!
indaHash has experienced a +295% growth in sales 1Q-3Q (2016 VS 2017) as well as a +352% growth in the number of influencers 3Q 2016 VS 3Q 2017 with no signs or plans of slowing down anytime soon!

ICO Alert: For those who have questions, which social media platform is the best to use in order to get in touch with the team? How many community members are active across all social media channels?

indaHash: If you have any ICO related questions you can join us in our Telegram Chat or email us at tokens@indahash.com. We’re very active and responsive on Facebook as well. You can also email us at support@indahash.com for any other indaHash related inquiries.

ICO Alert: Do any of the team members have experience raising and managing funds in the past? What other supplemental characteristics does the team possess that will ensure the tokenization of indaHash is successful?

indaHash: Of course. Our co-founders created and sold their previous business, LifeTube. It was the biggest MCN (multi-channel network) in CEE region. Our goal is not raising funds, but to build a working business with solid fundamentals. Our current investor is Trigon Investment Fund, one of the biggest investment banks in CEE. Our team is extremely experienced in terms of business development and scaling. The best proof is our growth dynamics and 70 markets where brands can run campaigns with indaHash.

Pre-ICO Information
Over 4,400 participants from all over the world have joined our movement and contributed a total of 15,000 ETH in the pre-ICO. In only 4 days, we were able to officially close the indaHash pre-ICO and meet 100% of our pre-ICO goal!

ICO Information
Contributors can participate in the ICO, starting at 3pm UTC on November 29, 2017, via the landing page on the indaHash website. The ICO ends on December 20, 2017.

The main ICO will have an ongoing bonus structure for the entire distribution period: 
Week 1: November 29 — December 6; 1 ETH = 3840 IDH (20% bonus)

Week 2: December 6 — December 13; 1 ETH = 3520 IDH (10% bonus)

Week 3: December 13 — December 20; 1 ETH = 3200 IDH (0% bonus)

Token Distribution Information
Total IDH tokens amount: 400,000,000 IDH
Minimum transaction amount: 0.5 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: 300 ETH
Symbol: IDH
Hard cap: 320 000 000 IDH
Emission rate: No new tokens will ever be created.

80% of all coins are available during the Pre-ICO and ICO. A maximum of 18% of the total supply of coins will be used to engage influencers into the indaHash Coins promotion, grow app loyalty, and gamification features. Zero tokens will be distributed to the indaHash team, instead they will be implementing a “buyback” program. This will highly reduce the possibility of a day one exchange dump that happens to most new tokens that hit the market. Not more than 2% of all issue indaHash coins will be used for the bounty and/or promotional campaigns.

320,000,000 IDH — Pre & Main ICO
72,000,000 IDH — Influencers & market education activities
8,000,000 IDH — Reward Program

Use of Crowdsale Proceeds
40% — Marketing & Business development
30% — Development & Operations
20% — Acquisitions
5% — Legal
5% — Reserve Reward Fund

Barbara Soltysinska, CEO
After investing, co-founding and subsequently selling the controlling stake of the hugely successful LifeTube — the biggest Youtube MCN in CEE — launched her new business — indaHash. Winner of numerous internal and external awards — given the title of EY Entrepreneur of the Year, considered to be one of the “100 Most Inspiring People” in the Polish interactive business sector, became the first woman to win the “Man of the Year” award by the MIXX awards IAB 2015 for her “outstanding contribution to interactive marketing and advertising”. Nominated for titles like “Woman in Business” and “Man of the Year — Internet” and received honorable mention for “Business Woman of the Year”.

Darek Zielinski, COO — Chief Operations Officer
Experienced manager in the media industry since 2008: Managing Director in Ringier Axel Springer Polska/Onet, successfully digitized the Newsweek brand, launching paid content with Newsweek Plus, a mobile strategy in the Newsweek wPunkt app, refreshed the website newsweek.pl, and also worked as Strategy & business development Director in Gruner und Jahr for National Geographic. A PR expert responsible for brand communication strategy e.g. Beiersdorf AG and SUBMiller. At indaHash Darek is responsible for business operations in 70 countries.

Wlas Chorowiec, CPO
Has worked in the web industry since 2006 and in 2012 founded Nextclick, the largest system in CEE for content recommendations targeted towards major media publishers. He has cooperated with companies such as Gruner+Jahr, Burda International, Bauer Media, Marquard Media and Ringier Axe Springer. In 2014 he joined on as a shareholder of LifeTube and together with Barbara Soltysinska developed LifeTube.pl — the biggest YouTube MCN in CEE. After selling LifeTube.pl, together with Barbara, they launched indaHash. He now plays the role of CPO at indaHash and is responsible for product development.

Plus more than 120 other members of the indaHash team!

Social Media
Telegram Chat
Telegram News

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