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August 25 2017

ICO Alert Report: KICKICO

ICO Alert Report: KICKICO

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What is KICKICO?

KICKICO is a fundraising platform that not only allows projects to create fundraisers, but also takes part in it’s development after it launches. All the projects that have raised funds on the platform will be part of the
“Kickonomy,” which means that they:
(1) Accept KickCoins and make special offers for KickCoin holders
(2) Sell their monetized content (goods, products) on our Marketplace (scheduled to launch next year)
(3) Each project’s tokens are exchanged on our internal DEX
All of the above makes KickCoin (KC) an exchange standard for their own projects. Some projects also tie the rate of their token to the rate of KC.
— Yuri Parsamov, Strategic Partnership Manager, KICKICO

Pre-sale Information
The pre-sale started on July 28 and ended early on August 8. The team raised 5,000 Ether during the presale, reaching the hard cap. There was a total of 40,600,000 KICKICO tokens (KickCoins) available during the pre-sale at a price of 1 Ether for 6,000 KickCoins.

Crowdsale Information
The crowdsale will begin on August 29, 2017 at 13:00 UTC and will end on September 16 18:00 UTC. There will be 600,000,000 tokens available during the crowdsale. There is a goal of 50,000 Ether and a hard cap of 100,000 Ether. Contributors can participate here when the crowdsale begins.

A simple email registration must be completed in order to participate. The crowdsale price is 1 Ether for 3,000 KickCoins. KickCoins are ERC-20 tokens, so contributors must contribute Ether from an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

Token Distribution information
KickCoins will be distributed at the end of the ICO. There are a total of 700,000,000 KICKICO tokens being created, with an increase in supply as new projects are launched on the KICKICO network. The following is a “loyalty bonus emission” for KickCoins:

“Emission, KC” is the total amount of KickCoins that will have been created by that date, not an additional amount being created at that specific time. The bonus KickCoins created are used to incentivize community members. Token holders will get a bonus a few times every year.

There will be a KICKICO token wallet available to contributors where KickCoins can be stored if desired.

The distribution of funds received by the platform during the pre-ICO and ICO campaigns will almost completely be used for further development of the platform. The development plan for KICKICO includes, not only the further development of the platform itself, but also the marketing of campaigns launched on the platform and the creation of the crowdfunding 2.0 economy, which will replace the outdated model on which modern crowdfunding platforms are working.(2)

Use of Crowdsale Proceeds
8% is allocated to company activities, hiring new employees, and associated development costs.
— 9% will go towards payment for PR and marketing services.
— 7% will go towards initiating a return on investment for seed investors.
— 43% will go towards marketing, PR, and individual projects.
— 20% will go towards the formation of infrastructure for the development of “Crowdfunding 2.0,” as well as for the community members.
— 5% will go towards legal costs and other bureaucratic costs.
— 5% will go towards repayment of borrowed funds used to create the platform.
— 3% will go toward bonuses to founders and employees of the platform.(2)

Anti A. Danilevski, Founder and CEO
Anti has been a crowdfunding evangelist since 2011. He stood at the foundations of such crowdfunding platforms as Planeta.ru and Boomstarter. He was the founder of the largest crowdfunding community in Eastern Europe and has been working on KICKICO since late 2015. Before KICKICO, he worked as a game designer and producer.

Alexander Petrov, Co-Founder
Alexander has launched more than 10 online startups with a multimillion-dollar turnover in the areas of e-commerce, IT, and gaming. Alexander invested in KICKICO in 2015 and actively works on attracting additional investments, developing the team, and the business model of the project.

Andrey Perepelitsa, Co-Founder, CTO, and Solidity Developer
Andrey has been working in the IT industry for 12 years. He built infrastructure IT projects capable of handling thousands of user requests. Andrey specializes in the automation of business processes. As a part of KICKICO, he is responsible for the technological infrastructure of the project: the integration with the blockchain, stress tests, and protection against external attacks.

Peter Yakimchuk, Backend Developer
Peter has been working as a backend developer since 2009. He has extensive experience in planning, managing, and deploying highly scalable systems. He is an expert in Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP and also works with XEN, OpenVZ, KVM, LAMP, nginx, and Puppet.

Dmitry Raskladka, Chief Business Developer
Dmitry has 10 years of experience in project management. He has worked with Audi, Heineken, Unilever, Mondelez, and other advertising, IT and e-commerce solutions.

Verdandi Cao, Lead Designer
Verdandi has 7 years of experience working in UX/UI design. She has worked for the leading companies of visual products in Russia, AIC and ONY. She is an official partner of the international design site Behance.net, and has worked for FREI, Samsung, Tinkoff Insurance, METRO, government services, and more through Behance.

Mikhail Sergeyev, Head of Community Management
Mikhail believes that the experience of working in management of the retail company Magnet will help him be a key part of KICKICO. He is focused on working with opinion leaders and the community to ensure KICKICO succeeds.

Nikolay Syusko, Chief Marketing Officer
Nikolay has worked in digital marketing for PR agencies and in PR for IT companies. For the past 10 years, he has been helping handle the marketing and communications for Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Unilever, Hyundai, L’Oreal, and more than 100 other companies. His extensive experience in digital marketing helps KICKICO build long-term relationships with partners, their target audience, and investors.

Yuri Parsamov, Strategic Partnership Manager
Yuri has 10 years of marketing experience in various international companies, including Beiersdorf and Leo Burnett. Yuri will be offering KICKICO partners effective media planning and a strategic approach to building communications within the ICO market.

Anastasia Balashova, Senior Communications Executive
Anastasia has provided services for both small and large companies including Avon, DuPont, SAP, Evernote, and more. Before KICKICO, she worked for Evernote as a PR manager and as a PR consultant for a startup called FabBeat.

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickicoplatform/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KICKICOplatform
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/11199886/
Telegram: https://t.me/kickico
Medium: https://medium.com/@kickico


ICO Alert: The KICKICO platform will be up and running by October 2017. Will it be the full release, or just a beta version to start?

Yuri Parasmov, Strategic Partnership Manager, KICKICO: It will be the full release, because we operate in beta already now (drafts of the projects, pilot project already raising funds, etc.).

ICO Alert: More and more ICOs are being hacked to some degree. How does KICKICO ensure safety for it’s clients’ ICO?

KICKICO: There are several things we have done to ensure security:
— We have run two pen tests.
— We don’t use vulnerable scripts.
— The only people that have access to the website are the two founders.
— Unlike many ICOs we don’t use Wordpress to build our website. :)

ICO Alert: When contributors invest in ICOs that work with KICKICO, the contributors receive both KICKICO tokens and the client’s ICO tokens. Why is this done and what is the benefit to contributors and ICO projects?

KICKICO: The main concept to understand is that we don’t create KCs (KickCoins) from thin air. Their emission is tied to the amount of projects and the project’s capitalization (i.e. how much they raised).
The key benefit to the backer of the project is that they earn an additional cryptocurrency (the project’s token) that they wouldn’t have received otherwise. The key benefit for any project within Kickonomy is that as more people own KickCoins, there are more potential customers for each project, because all projects within Kickonomy will accept the KickCoins.

ICO Alert: What’s the difference between an ICO, crowd investing campaign and crowdfunding campaign, as defined by the KICKICO team?

KICKICO: In the case of an ICO, a project issues its own tokens. In the case of a crowdfunding campaign, there will be some rewards but no tokens, like you might see in a Kickstarter campaign.

ICO Alert: How will the “KICKICO Fund” work and what will users be able to determine for the fund?

KICKICO: The Fund will keep a 4% share of the total tokens collected from the projects. Our goal is to separate the Fund from KICKICO and make it a different entity that is governed by our community. The community members will have an opportunity to choose the Fund’s board members. However, this idea will become feasible only in 2018–2019, when we have the community built and when legal regulations will allow us to create this entity.

ICO Alert: How does KICKICO plan to attract startups and users, and thus gain a network effect for their project?

KICKICO: So far we rely on network effect that allows us to receive 20–30 new projects daily. We already have 300 projects as drafts. Since we have an ambitious goal of 4,500 projects that raised money and have started to work by 2022, and since we carefully select them to avoid the failed ones, we will contribute both in marketing and expertise (attracting advisors in many fields, etc.) to the projects.

ICO Alert: Where does the KICKICO team see cryptocurrency and the ICO space in five years, and why?

KICKICO: In five years, cryptocurrency will probably become a payment method. However, not all the cryptocurrencies we have today will be able to play this role. Our goal, that is reflected in our roadmap, is to become a currency that is used for payment and not just a token for traders.

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