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November 18 2017

ICO Alert Report: Naked Dollars

The world's first asset and business backed cryptocurency


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ICO Alert Quick Facts

-The first “asset-based” cryptocurrency creating a financial ecosystem and marketplace.
-97,650,000 / 100,000,000 NKD$ tokens sold during the Pre-ICO.
-1 bitcoin = 10,500 NKD$ / 1 ether = 430 NKD$.
-ERC20 token; bitcoin or ether accepted for contribution.
-Naked Dollars founder has a variety of experience in successful business ventures.

What is Naked Dollars?

The Naked Dollar ICO, (U.S. patent pending) is the very first cryptocurrency that is actually backed by physical assets, including high performing residential properties with no mortgage and six award-winning existing businesses worth over $100 million USD.
For the first time ever, when you own one Naked Dollar, you will own one dollar’s worth of physical assets, including properties and thriving businesses in the travel, cosmetics, restaurant, education, entertainment and property sectors!
This will save you huge amounts of money (in reality at least 50%) and reward you with more Naked Dollars when you spend.
We have created a unique marketplace for the most popular consumer products that you already spend your money on…
If you think about how much you spend on travel ($16 trillion in 2017 worldwide), for example, we have the technology, resources, and experience to reward you with a one-to-one spend, you take one holiday, and we reward you with another! Thus reducing your costs and offering way more value, as we don’t waste money advertising outside of our ecosystem, this in turn drives up the value of NAKED Dollars, as it attracts more people to use the network as the rewards are so compelling, once you use it you will not go back to your normal spending habits.
— Marco Robinson, Founder


ICO Alert: How does the Naked Dollar token (NKD$) function within the platform and why is it needed? What is the unique blockchain technology based on the Ethereum platform that is used by the platform?

Naked Dollars: Our blockchain is proprietary and not based on the Ethereum platform.
We have based our technology on Metcalfe’s law of the “network effect.”
This theory of the network effect can be easily expanded on in the physical world when establishing the “value” of a network, whereby on blockchain, for example, 100 users conducting 100 transactions, assign a fixed “x” value to the network.
The expansion happens with cryptocurrency in the blockchain that “carries” the said value.
NAKED Technologies has six different businesses in the most popular consumer industries that are up and running as successful positive cash-flow businesses that provide a real value backing for the token.
Cryptocurrency debit cards, cryptocurrency ATM machines, and a massive loyalty and reward program which include free holidays and other products in the ecosystem, free holidays that even dispensed at the ATM machines for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just some examples of the awesome power of the NKD$ financial ecosystem!

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ICO Alert: The project has already sold over 97% of the tokens they are issuing. Where did the tokens go Pre-ICO and to how many contributors?

Naked Dollars: The Pre-ICO tokens were sold to our existing customers!
Marco Robinson and Malvindran Ganesh, the co-founders of Naked Dollars, have 10 years of experience in building successful businesses, and have successfully sold $500 million worth of investment products, these products have included properties, travel, education, and more.
Because of the success of these businesses and the fantastic returns the customers enjoyed, it was extremely easy to progress these businesses to an asset-backed token, and Naked Dollars was embraced and adopted seamlessly, with investors overjoyed to be involved.
This is a testament to the founders’ success and track record, indeed no other cryptocurrency in the marketplace has such a rich pedigree of success and innovation.
Marco Robinson, now even has his own primetime TV show in the UK, “Get a House for Free,” where he has been able to give houses away to the homeless and underprivileged and is using Naked Technologies to make homelessness obsolete!
Please check out Marco’s hit TV show excerpt here
Please see his story live on the BBC Breakfast Show
Please see the founders’ profile here

ICO Alert: The NKD$ financial ecosystem includes ATM machines, staking of NKD$ tokens, and more. What are the different incentives within this ecosystem for users to contribute to the ICO now?

Naked Dollars: There are some absolutely fantastic incentives;
One bitcoin will purchase NKD$ 10,500 and the buyer will receive a six night holiday anywhere in the world for two people, worth over $2,000 with a choice of 1,500 hotels from our fully licensed global travel agency, NAKED Travel (ABTA and ATOL bonded, www.naked.travel) and a free two-day cryptocurrency trading workshop with our founder, Marco Robinson, and partner, Kishore M, worth $2,995.
One ether purchase will receive NKD$ 430 and a free two-day cryptocurrency trading workshop with our founder Marco Robinson and partner Kishore M.

ICO Alert: What are Naked Travel, Nakedb, and other ventures under the Naked Technologies tree? How do they fit in with Naked Dollars?

Naked Dollars: NKD Technologies owns six businesses;
NAKED TRAVEL www.naked.travel
NAKED Restaurants
FREEDOM Investor
Marco Robinson Personal Development University
NAKED Film Foundation
Naked Travel is a global licensed travel agent fully compliant in every country, offering flights, accommodations, car hire, excursions, basically a turnkey travel solution…
Naked Travel is the first and only travel agency to offer one-to-one travel rewards, therefore, when you spend $500 (fiat currency) or BTC, Ether, and NAKED Dollars, you receive exactly the same monetary value back in NKDR (NAKED REWARDS).
In return for your $500 spent, you will receive 500 Naked Reward Dollars that have the same monetary value that you spend with the NAKED DOLLAR Marketplace on any other products such as cosmetics, restaurants education and, of course, travel.
NAKED Travel is also a white label opportunity for corporations to offer travel incentives to their customers, for example, if you buy the new iPhone, the particular shop you buy it from can give you a free holiday for buying that phone there and then!
This is not new, we already have existing clients buying our Naked Travel incentives, including BMW, Petronas, Nikon Cameras, Reader’s Digest, Mercedes, Citibank, and many more.These clients have dramatically increased their sales using our travel incentives.
As a Naked Dollar owner, you could could even recommend to a small to large business buying our very affordable travel incentives to increase their sales, in turn you will receive a royalty commission payment from every client of theirs!
NKDb (Naked Beauty) is a revolutionary cosmetic brand that is completely not tested on animals, contains no parabens, and recently sponsored the MTV European Music Awards. Our cosmetics are available to order worldwide and payment can be made in cryptocurrency and/or cash.
NAKED Restaurants was started in 2013, and its second year of operation won Tatler’s best restaurant for its outstanding food and customer service. Since then, we now have thousands of restaurant partners worldwide, so you can spend your NAKED DOLLARS in return for NAKED REWARDS.
Marco Robinson and the Wealth Revolution group have been conducting seminars and workshops in the field of property investment, entrepreneurship, and personal development for the last 20 years.
In the last six years, Marco Robinson has developed his home grown investments and given such great returns to his investors that he won the I-Property People’s Choice Award for the Best Real Estate Investment Company.
Freedom Investor was started as a crowdfunding company from the success of the Property Investment to accelerate the investment capital. Freedom Investor has continuously given the highest returns of any crowdfunding program.
Many of those properties have been injected into the NAKED DOLLARS Proprietary Blockchain Technology, meaning you also own those properties, most of which are based in the U.S. and UK.
NAKED Film Foundation has funded it’s first feature film “Legacy of Lies,” which will start production in April, 2018. The film has an A-List Hollywood cast and won best script and trailer at the Ukraine Film Festival. More details can be found on this movie at www.naked.technology.

ICO Alert: How does Naked Dollars aim to achieve the network effect and how many users does the team see as the network effect having being achieved?

Naked Dollars: Through a proprietary reward system called NAKED REWARDS.
As mentioned previously, all our products in our ecosystem of companies offer a 1:1 margin reward system. For example, you spend $500, you earn 500 Naked Rewards, these rewards can only be spent within the existing companies and brands within the Naked Dollar ecosystem and marketplace.
We see 1 million users growing into 10 million users within 24 months of live trading. This user adoption creates a virtuous cycle of spending and rewards and ultimately drives the price up of NAKED DOLLARS cryptocurrency, as the brand captures more awareness across the globe through word of mouth, spending, using the rewards, and live trading of NKD$ cryptocurrency, including the accessibility and supply of our proprietary ATM machines, where users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Naked Dollars, and other major cryptocurrencies instantly at our ATM machines and instantly be rewarded with such compelling value that they simply cannot achieve at any other retailer.
Furthermore, the addition of NAKED DOLLAR merchants whereby, restaurants, accountants, and basically any business can accept NAKED DOLLARS as a method of payment instead of cash!
When the retailer adopts NAKED DOLLARS as a form of payment, the merchant can enjoy the increase in price of NAKED DOLLARS, thereby increasing the net worth of the business, as well as the cash flow.

ICO Alert: Are the specific product types, categories or entrepreneurs that Naked Dollars is focusing on bringing into the ecosystem? What can users expect to have available for purchase and what has already been added?

Naked Dollars: Six business sectors have already been added: travel, food and beverage, property, education, entertainment and cosmetics.
Within these sectors, there are literally thousands of niches that can be added in a total blue ocean strategy!
If we take women’s cosmetics, why don’t we think about a women’s shoe brand…buy a pair of shoes, get a free cosmetics pack that compliments the style and color of the shoes, and if you buy three pairs of shoes, a weekend to Paris thrown in as a Naked Dollar Reward.
We are already funding entrepreneurs to start their business, mentoring them and making them full fledged NAKED DOLLAR merchants.
This drives a serious amount of traffic from our organic database of NAKED DOLLAR owners, we showcase a new business and bring them into the NAKED DOLLAR ecosystem, what better way to launch a new business!
A business needs capital, but more importantly, guidance from successful award-winning entrepreneurs, such as Marco Robinson.

ICO Alert: Why does Naked Technologies and the team need to host an ICO if the underlying businesses are already successful? Do token holders own some portion of the underlying business, or are they just granted access to the products/services associated with those businesses? What is the overall goal of Naked Dollars?

Naked Dollars: Naked Dollars cryptocurrency was an eight year project and the dreamchild of Marco Robinson, who wanted to create an organic ecosystem of loyalty and rewards. To scale that properly, he had to wait for blockchain technology to match his creativity.
As a Naked Dollar owner, you will own the properties and the businesses, not only will you hold a Naked Dollar parent token, you will be able to use them instantly to satisfy pretty much all your consumer needs and save you money in the process.
Imagine an asset-backed cryptocurrency that is driven by the success of the founders, the businesses and the assets, which already have fabulous track record!
No other cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, has this intrinsic value and underlying strength where your risk is greatly reduced, because you are saving virtually 50% on your existing spending habits! Match that with ability to trade Naked Dollars, and you have an incredible resource that will only help you accelerate your life goals, financially and physically.
This is one-to-one asset match, let that resonate, because that is very exciting, indeed.
This ICO was done to increase user adoption at the most accelerated rate possible, and with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it is inevitable that Naked Dollars will go way beyond it’s $10 forecast in the next 18 months.

ICO Alert: How far along is the project today and when can contributors expect to use the platform? What does the roadmap look like for the rest of 2017 and 2018?

Naked Dollars: An astounding response to the Pre-ICO launch has seen 97 million already sold out of a finite universe of 100 million.
Our proprietary blockchain technology is already completed. In December, all the assets and owners of Naked Dollars will be injected into the blockchain.
In January, NAKED DOLLARS will be listed on all the credible cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bittrex, and live trading will begin.
February sees us issue the first NKD$ debit card, which can be used in any ATM machine.
March will see us roll out our P2P lending platform and the first delivery of NAKED Technologies Bitcoin ATM machines.
The first NAKED DOLLAR Merchants have already signed up, meaning you have literally thousands of retailers who will accept NKD$ as payment for goods and services.

ICO Alert: As a non-Naked Dollar question, we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

Naked Dollars: The cryptocurrency world and blockchain are not even through day one of the biggest financial revolution of all time, as millennials seek transparency and value above all else. People are sick to death of incompetent and corrupt governments that are hundreds of years behind in serving populations morally, financially and spiritually.
People want to take control back and decentralization, coupled with the irrefutable transparency and security of blockchain, is the way forward!
We see bitcoin as the gold of cryptocurrency and we see only the cryptocurrencies with huge value and strength in innovation from the founders succeeding.
We see many cryptos with a short life term, as they have none of the above and only serve an opportunity for investors to flip in a very speculative market that is unaware and completely uneducated.
We see cryptocurrency as the new stock market and traditional fiat currency and IPOs dying.
There is one way and that is to GET NAKED!

Pre-ICO Information
The Pre-ICO has already taken place and sold 97,650,000 of the 100,000,000 available NKD$ tokens. This took place in December 2016 at a price of roughly $0.07 per NKD$ token.

ICO Information
The ICO began on November 5, 2017 and ends on December 5, 2017. The Naked Dollars token (NKD$) is an ERC20 token and should be stored in an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. Ether or bitcoin are accepted as forms of contribution. If ether is contributed, it must be sent from an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet and if bitcoin is contributed, an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet address must be given in order to receive the NKD$ tokens.

The price of the NKD$ tokens is as follows:

1 bitcoin = 10,500 NKD$
1 ether = 430 NKD$

Token Distribution Information
There is a hard cap of 100,000,000 NKD$ tokens across both the Pre-ICO and ICO. The token distribution will begin sometime in early January and will be completed by mid January, in order for trading to start at the end of January.

The allocation of proceeds from the Pre-ICO and ICO are as follows: 

30% — Management team

20% — Operational expenses of all the businesses involved in the marketplace over the period of 2018

25% — Tech development of Phase 2 and 3, namely co-branding of debit card, patent filing, P2P lending marketplace, Bitcoin ATM machines, and mobile banking license

25% — Acquisition of businesses to enhance adoption of NKD$ and increase the value of NKD$ (can be adjusted to be internal acquisitions of Naked Technologies own businesses)

Marco Robinson, Founder
Marco has found success primarily in the real estate market, where last year he bought 108 properties alone. His experience is not limited to property, as he has built several multi-million dollar companies from scratch, including: The New Rich List (the first entrepreneur funder and accelerator program); The Wealth Revolution Group; Create Demand Incentive Programs; NAKED Technologies; and now the world’s first asset backed cryptocurrency, Naked Dollars.

Malvindran Ganesh, Co-founder and CTO
Malvindran has worked in various technology related positions with HSBC in Asia, an Australian telco, and with the NYSE on Wall Street. Malvindran has been certified by Google for cloud computing and holds various certifications from Google for Internet marketing. He co-founded NKD Tech and NKD$ alongside Marco Robinson. His ideas on the “network effect” expansion and how NKD$ will go on to become a token that will have a sustained shelf life in the cryptocurrency world can be found in the NKD$ white paper.

For a full list of partners and advisors please visit the Naked Technology website.

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