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August 10 2017

ICO Alert Report: Neblio

ICO Alert Report: Neblio

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Today’s ICO Alert Report focuses on Neblio, a platform that is aiming to become the leader in the enterprise blockchain space. Thanks to Eddy Smith, Co-Founder of Neblio, for the insight.

Learn more about Neblio here: https://nebl.io/

Crowdsale Information
The crowdsale started on August 6th at midnight CEST and is structured to reward those who have contribute early:
1. First 48 hours: 25% bonus (this is complete)
2. Days 3–7: 15% bonus (this is live until Aug 12th at midnight CEST)
3. Last 7 days: 10% bonus (this will begin Aug 13th at 12:01am CEST)

As of August 8th at 10:45pm est, the project has sold 920,482 tokens to 62 participants (36+ Bitcoin worth). There are no minimum or maximum amounts of tokens one user can purchase. The total tokens sold currently can be found at the Neblio website.

Token Distribution Information
There are 125,000,000 Neblio tokens (NEBL) for sale during the two week long crowdsale. Neblio is its own native token for it’s own blockchain.

Contributing one Bitcoin will get you 20,000 NEBL, not including the bonus. Neblio primarily accepts Bitcoin, but uses a Shapeshift integration to ensure users can use a variety of different cryptocurrencies to contribute.

Once the contribution has been received by the team tokens will be sent immediately to the contributor. Tokens will not be locked until the end of the crowdsale like other ICOs. There is a native Neblio desktop wallet that will hold your tokens that can be downloaded here.

All 125,000,000 Neblio tokens are available during the crowdsale. No tokens will be kept for the team. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

Eddy Smith, Lead Developer
Eddy has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over 7 years of experience working as a senior software engineer for global enterprise companies. He has regularly built and developed data center applications, networking systems, and storage systems for one of the largest I.T. companies in the world.

Ann Jackson, Business Ops Manager
Ann has a B.S. in Business Management and a Masters of Business Administration. She has over 7 years of experience in the tech industry guiding and managing teams in both operations and marketing. She has extensive knowledge in supply chain operations, marketing and leading engineering & business teams.

Social Media
Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/neblio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neblioteam/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/NeblioTeam
Github: http://github.com/NeblioTeam
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEMvrqKFGqukuPvGrA
Neblio Contact Form: https://nebl.io/contact/

The above ICO information can be found on the Neblio website and in their whitepaper.


ICO Alert: How does Neblio aim to become a leader in the enterprise blockchain solution category against others who will have a working platform out before your launch in Q3 2018? Are there unique advantages Neblio holds versus other platforms like Lisk, Rise, Ardor, etc. that will allow Neblio to succeed in this enterprise category of blockchain platforms?

Eddy Smith, Co-Founder of Neblio: In every industry, new-entrants to the market are at an inherent disadvantage to established competitors and must have a compelling differentiator in order to survive and eventually thrive. Neblio is no different. The incumbents you mentioned have a head start, more funding, and powerful marketing, but have yet to deliver a product that enterprise customers are adopting. We believe, based upon experience during our careers at companies in our target market, that outside of the growing enthusiast community, blockchain technology is seen as difficult to implement and immature with little to no talent pool to hire from.
This is where Neblio can innovate our way to becoming a leader in the space. It is not enough to simply have a platform that works but a platform that is simple & intuitive enough to be deployed by someone who is not a blockchain expert, in a language they understand. As the IT industry continues to shift away from hiring IT specialists and to hiring IT generalists it is critical that simplicity be part of the design of any application or system that will be deployed in the data center, not merely an afterthought.

ICO Alert: Can you talk a bit more about how the Neblio platform is scalable and will allow for large enterprise applications to function? If all nodes must carry a full copy of the blockchain, won’t that require large amounts of storage for each node as the blockchain grows?

Neblio: The amount of storage necessary will be equal to the size of main chain plus the size of any side chains the specific application needs (or has, in the case of access restrictions and management) access to. The use of side chains can dramatically reduce the amount of storage necessary on a node, while still leaving the node with the ability to access the metadata for all of the data on the network. Big Data is, well, big and the Neblio blockchain will be no different. But with the use of side chains we can limit the the amount of storage necessary and storage is dropping in cost monthly.

ICO Alert: Does the Neblio team have enterprise or blockchain consulting partnerships in the works currently. If not when is that partnership/consultation process of sorts expected to begin?

Neblio: Ann and I both have held private talks with former career colleagues at enterprise companies in our target market but have nothing further to announce at this time. We expect partnership and proof-of-concept trial announcements to occur with our first clients and partners after the beta version of the API Suite is released. Target: Q1–18

ICO Alert: As of Thursday August 10th, 12:30pm EST the Neblio token sale has issued over 1.5 million NEBL tokens across 107 participants. With so many ICO’s being dominated by large buyers, is there a goal you have set for the number of participants in the crowdsale?

Neblio: I don’t think we had a goal in mind. We announced with limited marketing and the first few days were slow but interest seems to be doubling on a day by day basis. We want anyone and everyone that finds our vision and road map compelling and that wants to purchase NEBL to join. The fact that the token sale did not sell out in the first day gives many more buyers the opportunity to purchase.

ICO Alert: Why does Neblio believe blockchain technology, and specifically applications on top of the Neblio blockchain, is needed as an enterprise solution? Do you see it as a ‘need’ by large enterprise clients or more of a cost-saver ‘want’ by enterprise clients?

Neblio: Blockchain technology’s unique properties of immutability, distribution, and scalability solve real business problems for enterprise clients. A recent survey found that 61% of senior executives at large US companies have broad to expert knowledge of blockchain technology. 42% of those executives believe that blockchain will be disruptive in their industry and 55% believe it will put them at a competitive disadvantage if they do not adopt it. 28% of respondents stated their companies have already invested millions into blockchain solutions while another 25% plan to do so in the next calendar year. Companies are looking for ways to integrate the technology to gain an advantage and we are going to make it easier for them to do so.

ICO Alert: How will the team’s previous experience ensure the success of the Neblio project? Does you have plans to build out the team in the coming months after the ICO?

Neblio: Ann and I both have many years of experience in the tech industry working for some of the largest companies in the world. I on the dev side of things, and her on the business and operations side of things. Years of experience working for the companies that will be in our target market give us a breadth of knowledge and contacts that give us a leg up over the competition when it comes to writing new requirements, features, and our go to market strategy. We plan to build out the team aggressively in the rest of Q3 and into Q4. We are very small right now, but have achieved a lot for our size over the past months working on the project in stealth. Additional team members that share our vision will help to accelerate that growth.

ICO Alert: As a final non-Neblio question, are there any predictions or thoughts you have for/on the current state of the cryptocurrency market?

Neblio: The rate of innovation that we are seeing in the market is quite simply amazing. The blockchain enthusiast community is growing daily. New ideas and entrants are being tested in the market on a near-hourly basis. As a personal prediction, I think we still have a large upside in the cryptocurrency markets before an eventual and inevitable pull back. When grandma is asking you about Bitcoin it is both an exciting, and scary, time to be alive!

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