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August 31 2017

ICO Alert Report: Trackr

ICO Alert Report: Trackr

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What is Trackr?

Trackr exists as a crypto analysis and intelligence platform to assist newcomers and seasoned traders with making the right choices when it comes to crypto investments. New altcoins appear every day and there is extreme market volatility in the cryptocurrency scene, all of this means that it can be very difficult to keep track of the right investment.
Imagine if you could know in advance that a coin at $0.005 may shoot up to $1. Trackr’s main objective is to look for certain patterns based on a number of criteria such as media exposure, historical trends, exchange trade volumes and prices, and sudden volatile market trends (i.e. huge buy walls). Of course all of this isn’t enough, so we also plan on using machine learning and AI to help us train data models to forecast certain scenarios and suggest appropriate investment strategies.
Our ultimate goal is to make investment easy for beginners or seasoned traders and allow them to test certain trading strategies to ensure viability before having to risk any crypto assets.”
— Waleed Amjad, Co-Founder of Trackr

Crowdsale Information
The crowdsale is currently live and will end on September 15, 2017 at 12pm GMT. The Trackr token (TKR) is an ERC-20 token and only Ether is accepted during the crowdsale.

For every one Ether contributed, 5,000 TKR will be distributed. The required gas limit is 250,000, with 10–20 gwei. There is currently a 5% bonus for contribution.

For more information on how to contribute, visit the website here.

Token Distribution information
Tokens will be distributed immediately after contribution.

There are a total of 65,000,000 TKR being created, with 58,500,000 available during for purchase during the crowdsale.

90%: (58,500,000 TKR) available during the crowdsale
5%: (3,250,000 TKR) are being reserved for bounty programs
5%: (3,350,000 TKR) are being reserved for the team

Use of Crowdsale Proceeds
30%: Infrastructure
20%: Research and development
20%: Team expansion
10%: Product development
10%: Legal
10%: Advertising and Marketing

Nabeel Amjad, Co-Founder
Linkedin Github
Nabeel is a software developer who is currently in charge of Trackr’s backend software and the server infrastructure. Moreover, he manages Trackr’s smart contract code and will also be developing further smart contracts for better integration of Trackr into the blockchain. Lastly, he is very keen on using AWS (Amazon Web Services) technology where applicable and holds three Amazon issued certificates. Before Trackr, Nabeel worked as an engineer and cloud developer at Cloudreach, an IT services company specializing in the adoption of cloud technology.

Walleed Amjad, Co-Founder
Linkedin Github
Waleed is an experienced software developer that specializes in building powerful front-end applications. Currently employed as a senior IT consultant, he has worked for a number of major clients. For roughly two and a half years, he worked at Morgan Stanley, where he helped develop an award-winning and industry leading single dealer trading platform that offers hybrid FX execution. Waleed has experience in building hybrid mobile applications using the Ionic framework and is a big fan of functional reactive programming.

Social Media
Github: https://github.com/trackr-im
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trackrim
Twitter: https://twitter.com/trackrim
Medium: https://medium.com/@trackr.im
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2046549


ICO Alert: How does the Trackr token (TKR) function within the platform and why is it needed?

Waleed Amjad, Co-Founder of Trackr: The primary reason the TKR token is required is to eliminate the requirement of a third-party. For example, users wanting to trade (see below for what is meant by trading) wouldn’t need to depend on a risky middle man and could safely use our publicly auditable smart contracts without having to rely on mutual trust.
Furthermore, the TKR token will also be used for the following:
a) To fuel advanced features/services on the Trackr platform through a subscription model
b) Trading on the platform. By trading we refer to sharing of portfolio’s, prediction models, alerts and such with other users
c) Crypto related advertising on the platform, the advertisement itself will be subtle and non-intrusive and only shown to non-subscribers

ICO Alert: How is Trackr different than other cryptocurrency asset management applications currently available? What does the Trackr team plan to implement in the future?

Trackr: The Trackr offering is different from tools such as Coindash, Blockfolio, other portfolio management applications since it does a lot more than just visualizing your assets in the form of some graphs/data tables. Trackr will be a fully-fledged crypto analysis suite, and just to name one difference: Trackr will enable the user to do strategy backtesting, that is to say they can run a set of tests to determine their future growth to refine their investment strategy.
Another important distinction is that Trackr does not save any of its user data on its servers, nor does it transmit any user data, all data is stored locally on the user’s client device.
One of the future roadmap plans is to create a cross-platform desktop client, similar to the official Mist or Ethereum Wallet. This client would be similar to the mobile app, however it would be more rich in features.

ICO Alert: Has development started on the Trackr application? When will an application be ready for users to download and use?

Trackr: Yes, Trackr has an alpha version available, users are free to test it out. It is available for both Android and iOS and is available via the website.

ICO Alert: How does Trackr plan to use machine-learning/AI?

Trackr: Trackr will use historical data models for the majority of the cryptocurrencies and apply machine learning techniques to obtain prediction models by picking up patterns in existing data. These patterns could then potentially be used to develop a mathematical model that can be applied to that cryptocurrency.
Using this model we will generate an investment strategy that is put through a series of tests until we’re at a comfortable level of prediction accuracy. The strategy is then made available to users.

ICO Alert: Trackr aims to project future growth for users and popularity for coins. How does Trackr plan to do this accurately?

Trackr: We would be lying if we said that we can do this with pinpoint accuracy, cryptocurrencies are by nature very, very, volatile. Having said that, we’ve identified some basic patterns that generally signal a price swing in either direction. These can often be correlated to unusual trade orders, building up of hype (pump) before dumping coins, media exposure (think sentiment analysis) or perhaps something as simple as a coin going on an exchange. There are a lot of reasons why a certain coin can grow or sink. We will implement certain strategies that are known to work on a per-coin basis, taking historical data into account. In the end, we hope to be able to predict how a coin is going to grow to a certain extent.
Trackr will give users a more accurate representation based on the current information and facts known to us about a coin, taking AI and simulations predictions into account, which should let them make an informed decision. But in the end, responsibility always lies with the user to do their due diligence before executing a trade.

ICO Alert: As a non-Trackr question, we like to ask the team for any fun or unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space. Where do you see each space in 5 years?

Trackr: The cryptocurrency scene has literally exploded in the last few months, never mind years, so it is impossible to predict where it will go. The underlying fundamentals of blockchain and its theory really intrigue us and we are super excited about the paradigm shift that is currently taking place, if you take a deeper look at what is going on, you will notice that what is really happening is that power is shifting away from the single entity (think monarchy, government entity, central bank, etc.) to a network of P2P nodes. We envisage that you will be able to buy services such as mortgages, loans, real-estate, even energy (gas/electricity) through a blockchain powered process.
We believe the ICO space will get regulated in the near future as regulatory bodies will attempt to clamp down. It remains to see how the community will respond to that and how that will affect cryptocurrency scene, but one thing is for sure, we are living in a very exciting time to be able to see this paradigm shift taking place right in front of our eyes.

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