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July 25 2018

ICO Alert Roundtable #9 ft. REM Loyalty

ICO Alert Roundtable #9 ft. REM Loyalty

A casual conversation with the ICO Alert Team

Welcome to the ninth rendition of the ICO Alert Roundtable: an off-the-cuff discussion covering current events in crypto hosted by Zach Quezada & Evan Schindler.

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Our guest this episode is REM Loyalty’s Founder — Zdravko Loborec.

Some of the topics we covered include:

  • Bitcoin Bull Market or Bull Trap?
  • Thanks for your comments — we notice them!
  • Loyalty on the Blockchain
  • Redeeming Rewards for Rent
  • Predictions on the Market
  • Global Perspectives of Cryptocurrency

See below for more information on REM Loyalty:

Topics: Loyalty, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Podcast