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October 23 2018

ICO Compliance and Regulation


Purple gavel iconAre ICOs legal? How can ICOs obey current compliance requirements? There are an infinite number of questions surrounding the legality of ICOs and cryptocurrency, especially in this uncertain regulatory climate. Many ICOs have even chosen to incorporate their business outside of their home country in an effort to mitigate regulatory risks. If you're looking to launch an ICO and remain compliant with global regulations, companies like iComply can help.

We caught up with Greg Pinn, Head of Product Strategy, at Hoshocon to find out how iComply is guiding new blockchain and ICO projects through difficult compliance obstacles.

"What iComply is doing is helping to demystify compliance for ICO issuers and other people in the cryptocurrency space. So our main focus is getting people to be able to raise money and build up their equity in a way that's compliant with the myriad of regulations that exist so they can do it in a way that's safe, compliant, and predictable."

iComplyICO offers step-by-step workflows, industry experts, and audited smart contracts for issuing an ICO.  Listen to what else Greg has to say about running a compliant ICO:




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