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September 15 2018

Bitgenstein's Table: Heresy, Privacy & Censorship #2: A Tale of Two Societies (Dramatized)



Usually, Bitgenstein’s Table is a discussion of philosophy, history, economics, or psychology. Today, it’s a different kind of podcast.

In one future, open blockchain has pushed transparency on the world. Politics, money, reviews, social life - everything is accountable, everything is trackable, everything is open.

In the other, blockchain also dominates - but with privacy tech. GDPR was only the start, and now every person in the world, individuals and organizations both, has a right to total privacy.

Two short stories explore what life in these worlds might be like. They’re absurd enough to be fun, but they’re also thought experiments.


Last week’s episode talked about the discussion between transparency and privacy, with Peepeth, Dtube, Monero, Zcoin, PIVX, DASH, and more making appearances.

Next week, we’ll take a break from privacy and permanence to feature a guest from Nexus (NXS), but soon “Heresy, Privacy & Censorship 3” will be back to explore ways we might find balance.


Original theme song, as usual, by Joseph Dickinson (audiojungle.net/user/jdmusic).

Sound effects are mostly from Freesound.org, and contributors include InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk), jacobalcook, ralphwhitehead, klavo1985, ChazzRavenelle, and Andrewthomson. Used by permission under either the Attribution or the Creative Commons license.



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