Written by Zach Quezada

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October 3 2018

Roundtable Podcast #18: Bill Ottman, Minds Social Media Network


On episode #18 of The Roundtable, we had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Ottman, CEO and Co-founder of Minds. Minds is an open source and distributed social media platform, integrating the blockchain to reward their community with ERC20 tokens for contributions to the network.

Listen AND watch below on YouTube.

We covered the following topics on this week's episode:

1:20 We discuss the idea of a new ICO hunting show

2:05 Introduction to Bill Ottman and the Minds platform

6:00 XRP Serfs + Youtube comments from last week

8:30 Bill Clinton cameo

10:05 The inaugural Knighting of The Roundtable: Daniel Williams

11:00 Hoshocon Preview

13:15 Bitcoin use cases in the developing world

21:35 Bill Ottman Interview


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