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September 18 2018

ICO Alert Podcast #56: Christian Kameir, Sustany Capital

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Sustany Capital


Christian Kameir, Managing Partner at Sustany Capital and member of the Forbes Finance Council, joins the ICO Alert Podcast to offer sweeping commentary on the cryptocurrency space, including the need for good tools in the space, including custody, and why every company should be investigating blockchain (though perhaps not launching a token).



Kameir brought about unique insights on how the Internet didn't become the decentralized structure it was meant to be and the new nature of money. We found that the terminology we use (including whether "asset class" is really a correct classification for cryptocurrencies), has a lot to do with where our industry will be headed.

Stimulating questions also include whether Bitcoin is a commodity and if it will become a currency, the future of fundraising and ICOs, and much, much more.



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