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March 20 2018

TrustedHealth (TDH) — ICO Alert Report

TrustedHealth (TDH) — ICO Alert Report

What is TrustedHealth?

In short, TrustedHealth is a decentralized patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialized medicine engineered on the blockchain.
With the implementation of blockchain technology and issuance of the Health Token, TrustedHealth will be able to build a holistic network of healthcare services in specialized medicine and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcomes for patients with life-threatening diseases anywhere in the world. —Greg Jarzabek

ICO Alert Quick Facts

  1. Specialized medicine knowledge nexus helps doctors fight life-threatening diseases
  2. 0.00006 ETH = 1 TDH token / 1 ETH = 16,666 TDH
  3. Pre-ICO: March 20, 2018 — March 27, 2018
  4. ICO: March 27, 2018 — April 27, 2018
  5. 150,000,000 TDH total available / 300,000,000 TDH in total supply
  6. Existing product fighting brain, lung, and prostate cancer presented to World Health Organization

Q&A with Greg Jarzabek, CEO & Founder

ICO Alert: How does TrustedHealth’s token function within the platform and why is it needed?

Greg Jarzabek: In addition to being the preferred currency used to access services within the TrustedHealth Network, TDH token can also be considered a store of value intended to reward early adopters and patients and service providers as the TrustedHealth Network grows. With more and more service providers like Trustedoctor joining in, TDH tokens are set to become a personal key to a unique network for specialized medicine stored in the user’s Ethereum wallet.
Most importantly, the adoption of the TDH token will enable Trustedoctor to develop and provide new services and features that leverage the immutability and irreversibility of smart contracts and blockchain transactions, as well as services brought in by new service providers who join us. These services and features may include reward systems for patients and/or doctors, doctor reputation/evidence-based selection systems, other provider selection systems, research access, and more.

ICO Alert: Recently, Greg Jarzabek and Dr. Philippe Schucht from the TrustedHealth team presented at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland. How was the reception after you shared your project with the audience?

Greg Jarzabek: The reception was very positive. The audience recognized the value and societal impact of our project and its application of blockchain technology to use patient record storage, data sharing, and smart contracts to engage and reward users for contributing to better health outcomes. After our presentation in St. Moritz, we were approached by many people who wanted to join the team and help us develop the project. Some became our advisors.

ICO Alert: Is Trustedoctor the main platform that may propel TrustedHealth further in the competitive Medical Blockchain space?

Greg Jarzabek: Yes, I believe so. The relationship between Trustedoctor and TrustedHealth is definitely a competitive advantage. You could say that Trustedoctor, an existing, dedicated virtual platform that already links patients with leading specialists worldwide, is kickstarting the TrustedHealth ecosystem to create very quick use cases of data storage on the blockchain. Many other ICOs are still in the process of developing a blockchain patient record solution, not to mention getting their platform or system adopted by patients, users, and institutions. With Trustedoctor, TrustedHealth already has platform adoption and can therefore begin introducing blockchain data storage and its data access solution to existing providers.

ICO Alert: In your whitepaper, you state that “the lack of standardization presents the biggest obstacle.” Are you relying on the ubiquity of smart devices in countries like Kenya, which TrustedHealth promotes on their website?
If so, will brain and lung cancer be your primary focus in developing countries such as Kenya?

Greg Jarzabek: In the whitepaper, when we say “standardization” we are referring to the standardization of data — so that patient records are easily available on one system and not siloed on many systems, as is the case around the world, not just in Kenya. Nowadays, we have disparate data systems which are not connected. This situation will not serve the future of healthcare well. Blockchain technology is set to change this.
As far as Kenya goes, I believe that smart devices are already ubiquitous (31% of Kenya’s GDP is spent via mobile phone), and yes, we will start with cancer as our focus in Kenya. In Kenya, there is a handful of oncologists dealing with 30,000 cases per year. We believe we could help with our platform and our networks of specialists.

ICO Alert: The TrustedHealth website claims that the TrustedHealth network has “enlisted 80 doctors from 40 hospitals across the globe, establishing a network of collaborating specialists as a resource for its more than 250 patients.”

What are the next steps to expand the outreach of this network? Can you share whether your meeting with World Health Organization (WHO) representatives is part of this outreach?

Greg Jarzabek: The plan is to build out, horizontally and vertically, networks of leading specialists to cover as many diseases as possible so that we can have the greatest impact. We want to be a dedicated ecosystem that democratizes healthcare for difficult and life-threatening diseases. At the same time, we want to engage other providers to use the platform so that we become a unified, standardized virtual platform in specialized medicine.
We recently presented the platform to the World Health Organization (WHO) at its Geneva headquarters to learn how we could be most useful in furthering the WHO’s mission.

ICO Alert: Greg, in a Medium article posted on February 5, 2018, you wrote: “Within 10 days we have realized our soft cap with contributions from across the world! And no marketing even!”

What was your strategy for obtaining the current support level that TrustedHealth has?

Greg Jarzabek: A combination of a few things, for sure. Great project, great team, and a great mission behind it. We tried to grow as organically as possible since inflated community numbers, which are not rare in the ICO world, often bring very little actual value. That’s why we’re really happy to see how our community and support have grown gradually and organically over time since our announcement. We are also working with multiple global partners who help to engage Korean, Japanese, and Australian communities, etc.
Also, we have gotten great coverage in blockchain media (BitcoinMagazine, BitsOnline, TheMerkle, etc.) and are in the middle of a Global Roadshow tour, in which our team is traveling and presenting TrustedHealth to local communities all over the world.
But in the end, it all comes down to a great team effort, because none of this would be possible without them.

ICO Alert: The unique thing about TrustedHealth’s ICO is that the bonuses offered will exceed some other ICO offerings. What is your reasoning for providing more bonuses to the community?

Greg Jarzabek: We offered our extraordinarily large bonuses (50% and 100%) only in our Private ICO, to people who were super excited about TrustedHealth even before we announced it publicly. Consequently, we rewarded their early trust with the chance to make an early contribution with a larger bonus tied to it.
Now, our Pre-ICO (March 20, 12:00CET) starts in Tranche 3 with a limited 30% bonus. Once Tranche 3 fills up, Tranche 4 will automatically open and offer a 20% bonus. So the system works on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you contribute, the better the bonus. Once we fill up Tranche 8, we reach our hard cap, and the ICO is over. You can see all of the Tranches and bonuses here: https://trustedhealth.io/token-sale#bonuses
We see our contributors’ trust as a great asset, and we hold it at the core of our mission. That’s why we have no problem rewarding their trust with bonuses in the form of our TDH tokens.

ICO Alert: How far along is the project today and when can contributors expect to use the platform? What does the roadmap look like for 2018?

Greg Jarzabek: We are currently putting all the final pieces together so that our Pre-ICO (March 20th at 12:00 CET) can go smoothly and so that we can give everyone a chance to contribute in a fast, safe, and simple way. We’re growing on all channels rapidly and can’t wait to open up for our Pre-ICO.
For 2018, we first want to integrate the TDH wallet and governance into the platform. At the same time, we want to cover 2–3 more diseases. Finally, we would like to start developing the blockchain backend of our current patient medical data storage system.

ICO Alert: As a non-TrustedHealth question, we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

In banking, when things become mainstream, you tend to say “things have gone too far.” I believe the same is true with ICOs and cryptocurrencies as a way to secure project financing for blockchain-related projects. I believe we shall see the market grow in the future, albeit with some regulation and unexpected variations. ICOs and cryptocurrencies are empowering all people to access and contribute to the projects they believe in. I think that is a good development.

Pre-ICO Information

The Pre-ICO begins on March 20, 2018 and ends on March 27, 2018. The launch of TrustedHealth and the corresponding TrustedHealth token (TDH) creation process is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • To participate in the Pre-ICO, a minimum contribution of 1 ETH is required.
  • The Pre-ICO maximum contribution is 350 ETH.
  • The Pre-ICO will last for seven days.

TrustedHealth’s Pre-ICO (March 20, 12:00CET) starts in Tranche 3 with a limited 30% bonus. Once Tranche 3 fills up, Tranche 4 will automatically open and offer a 20% bonus.

The TrustedHealth Pre-ICO and ICO bonus system works on a first come, first served basis. The earlier the contribution, the larger the bonus percentage.

ICO Information

The main ICO will begin on March 27, 2018 and will end on April 27, 2018. There are a total of 150,000,000 TrustedHealth tokens (TDH) available during the main ICO, representing 50% of the total TDH supply. A hard cap of 7,500 ETH is set for this period.

  • In order to participate in the TrustedHealth ICO, participants must first complete a whitelist form.
  • There is no minimum contribution limit to participate in the ICO.
  • There is a maximum contribution limit of 350 ETH.
  • Once Tranche 8 is full, TrustedHealth will have reached their hard cap, and the ICO is over.

How to Participate

TrustedHealth’s TDH is an ERC20 token, so it’s important contributors use ERC20 compatible wallets to send funds to the ICO smart contract, and to receive TDH tokens. Citizens from the United States and China may not participate in the Pre-ICO.

1 ETH = 16,666 TDH

  • The currently accepted currency for TrustedHealth is Ether (ETH).
  • Participants who want to purchase TDH tokens can do so by sending ETH to a specific contract address.
  • Then, they will automatically receive tokens sent to their wallets. In order to finally have these tokens, all users must pass the KYC validation.
  • Unsold TDH tokens will be locked for two years and reserved for community growth.

Prospective purchasers of TDH tokens should inform themselves as to the legal requirements and consequences of purchasing, holding, and disposing of TDH tokens and any applicable exchange control regulations and taxes in the countries of their respective citizenship, residence and/or domicile. You may find additional TrustedHealth tranches and bonuses information here: https://trustedhealth.io/token-sale#bonuses.

Comprehensive instructions on participating in this process are also available at https://trustedhealth.io.

Token Information

General token utilities include:
● Subsidized payment currency
● Engagement reward coin
● Research coin
● Storage coin
● Access coin for providers upon the deployment of the TrustedHealth network

The TrustedHealth network will work with Trustedoctor to integrate the TDH token, enabling:
● Peer-to-peer payments (direct patient-to-doctor payments)
● Low fees
● Instant settlement
● Increased security
● Payment automation

Contributors will have their tokens distributed shortly after the end of the ICO. Visit the TrustedHealth website for more information and the contribution address.

Token Allocation

TrustedHealth funds allocation:

  • Development: $3 million (40%)
  • Marketing: $2.25 million (30%)
  • Operations: $2.25 million (30%)



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